Valentine´s day February 14th


The day of love is coming closer, so it´s time to book a nice experience, buy a gift, send flowers etc

We´ve noticed that the conversion begins to increase around 2 weeks in advance.

So it´s time to tart your Valentine´s advertisement already today!


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Here are examples of some of our advertisers with good offers to promote before this day.

Sweden Denmark Finland Norway
Euroflorist (238477) Euroflorist (238481) Coolstuff (225312) Euroflorist (238499)
Smartbox (273366) Smartbox (273365) Eckerö Line (218190) Gaveideer (284259)
Uret (286198) Gaveideer DK (284242) Nordic Feel (231673) Klokker (168084)
Liveit (64656) Baci Lingerie (219493) Finnish Design Shop (51816) (253209)
Fina Mig (264808) Coolstuff (209190) (202394) Belissa (284073)
Hedbergs Guld & Silver (226904) Shirtcity (58863) Naantalin Kylpylä (83477) Erotikknet (139403)
Yves Rocher Urkompagniet (207415) FI RoomSales (274894)
Intimissimi (282822) Skyscanner (224460) Underverker (200064)
Radisson Blu (246004) Radisson Blu (246011) Radisson Blu (246008) Radisson Blu (246006)
Nallebudet (218964) Keskisen Kello (213680) Hotelopia (241437) (274641) (284264)
Teddymania (284662) Klingel (274710)
Coolstuff (42673)


And for those who don´t know who to spend Valentine´s day with let them know about:

Elitsinglar (271056), Edarling (191893), Be2sweden (70972), Be2finland (71344), (15653)


Offers and URL:s from some of the advertisers:

Smartbox (SE: 273366), (DK: 273365)

”Smartbox is the perfect opportunity to combine an incredible weekend, a new experience and to discover a new place, and everything in only one box. The perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?”


Offer: 14% off Smartbox special box ’Pure Love’

Valid: 1-14 of February.



To get the code, reach out to


Intimissimi (282822)

“Haven’t thought about your look for Valentine’s Day yet? Do you still need to find a special gift for your beloved? Let yourself surprise by the sensuality of our Italian lingerie with a wide selection of bras, bralettes, slips, baby-dolls and bodysuites. Shop our Valentine’s Day Collection for an unforgettable evening!”


Offer: Free shipping over 500 sek



“Who will you make happy on Valentine´s day?

Send top quality fresh flowers or gifts to all your friends, family, colleagues or loved ones.”




If you have extra good exposures offer, lovely ideas around driving Valentine´s traffic or questions don´t hesitate to contact your contact person at Tradedoubler or just send an e-mail to:,,,


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With Love



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