Anna Lennerup experienced working in different roles and countries before moving to Spain.

Almost ten years ago I had the opportunity to join Tradedoubler working in the technical support team. Now as a Senior Technical Client Manager I am still part of the technical team but have since then worked in different job positions, in two different countries and within different teams. Working in two different offices and countries gives you a great perspective of how the cultural aspect affects our work and organizational structures. This makes you humble and richer by giving you a new perspective that you didn’t have before. I now work for the Nordic team but am based in Madrid for two years. I am very grateful for this opportunity and it’s these opportunities that make Tradedoubler a great place to work. I learn new things each day from the team here in Madrid and feel that I have a lot of possibilities to develop both as an individual and professionally. The reason I wanted to move to Madrid was that I have been living here on various occasions and I feel very at home. I also love to get to know new cultures and languages so improving my Spanish is one big reason. I talked to my manager about the possibility to go back to Madrid with Tradedoubler and as I was working for an international team at that moment it helped in the process. My advice is to have the courage to ask and experience to work abroad.

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