In Sweden, Finland and Norway we’re celebrating Fathers Day on the second Sunday of November. The date differs depending on which country you live in, which can be a bit confusing. This time, we’re preparing specifically for Fathers Day in November but you can use these tips in other contexts as well.

Make sure your page information is up to date

If your company’s information on social media pages and your website isn’t up to date, it won’t matter how much traffic you run to your website. If your customer wants to contact you about something and the contact information is incorrect, this will become an obstacle in their purchasing process and you’ll risk losing the customer all together. Make sure to do this some time before the actual selling peak – no one wants to do a double check of oneself’s phone number during an intense selling weekend.

Just do a quick check that the information is correct and you won’t have this problem!

Update your content

If you are expecting your sells to peak sometime around fathers day, it’s important that you have updated your content on different platforms like your Facebook page, your website, your Instagram page and so on. Maybe it’s time to update your company’s cover photo on Facebook? It’s all about first impressions, and you don’t want an old picture of a product that’s not in stock to be the first thing your customer notices.

Planning, planning, planning

We know that this is easier said than done, but with a good plan all of your other work will proceed so much smoother. It is stressful to plan for and carry through a big holiday or sells peak, so try to minimize the risk of unforeseen incidents. By looking over your stock, preparing your campaigns and similar beforehand, you can minimize the amount of work on the actual selling peak.


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