Tradedoubler releases new Publisher Interface and new Publisher API for partners to connect and grow their business

First applications connected to the recently announced Open Platform are now available in all markets

Stockholm, 20 March 2019 – Tradedoubler today announced the immediate availability of a brand new Publisher Interface based on a new Publisher API and the Open Platform concept. The Publisher Interface  is clean, simple, modern and intuitive. New features enable users to work efficiently and access information in real time to make smarter and quicker business decisions and increase their revenues. The new API enables publishers to integrate with own internal systems, connect with tools or build and develop their own business streams.

Tradedoubler just recently announced their product vision of an open platform that enables automated and transparent direct relationships between advertisers and publishers to connect and grow their business. The first applications are now available: a fully redesigned Publisher Interface and a new Publisher API.

The new Publisher Interface comes with a wide range of new features:

  • New API based, clean, simple and modern User Interface
    Publishers benefit from an improved and intuitive user experience and can now retrieve data on all their devices due to a new responsive design
  • New Link Converter Tool
    One simple script which publishers can use to automatically tag their outbound links for relevant affiliate partners
  • New streamlined deeplink generator
    Making it easy for publishers to build tracking links for Tradedoubler programs and easily add any custom tracking parameters
  • New powerful and user-friendly report generator
    Real-time access to relevant information via redesigned reports and dashboards to save time and help decision making
  • Ads management via API
    Intuitive Ad search with streamlined workflows and the ability to easily retrieve Ads via API
  • API to retrieve payments and self-billing invoices
    All historic payments can now be retrieved directly via an API into your own finance system. Clear overview of publishers’ earnings and next payment day
  • Programmatically pull and apply for new programs
    Using the API to import all program launches and apply directly from your own CRM/backend system
  • Simplified API feed management
    Publishers will now be able to easily query the API, filter feeds and get selected feeds in their desired output format

The new interfaces were developed based on input from key partners to ensure a close connection to the actual needs and the business of our partners. And we´re excited to get your feedback to continuously improve and update our publisher interface.

”The new Tradedoubler interface looks very good. The new layout has an intuitive navigation and the home page gives a simple, summarised overview highlighting the key stats. It makes a real difference to our team’s day-to-day and we are very excited to start using the new platform.”                                 – Victoria Raby, Commercial Director at Global Savings Group

”We’ve been working with Tradedoubler for a long time and also on the interface itself almost every day. The new interface looks very fresh, clean and tidy. Information is arranged clearly – and important information such as the start page link is very well positioned. Also positive are the improved search and filter function as well as significantly faster loading times of the tools.”                – Silvia Kindermann, Head of Support & Payments at Shoop

“The new publisher interface is really easy to understand, simple and contains all the information we need from a publisher perspective view. We’re really happy with the new launch and think it will benefit us moving forward”  – Romina De Mel, Partnerships Manager at Savings United

“The platform is very user friendly with an ergonomic interface. This will certainly have an impact on the productivity of the Account Managers who will use it. We particularly appreciate being able to consult the general segment and the segment attributed to our site. It will also be a real plus to be able to consult the remuneration increases set in the future.”

Léo Baumgartner, Senior Account Manager at Igraal

Following the March release we will continuously deliver new functionalities to the publisher platform while working on the dedicated APIs and interfaces for advertisers and agencies. The availability of these new interfaces and related APIs is scheduled for the second half of 2019. Key deliveries for publishers will include multiple publisher user accounts and role-based access as well as visibility on average payment lead-time for each advertiser. Our advertisers will be able to conduct direct publisher recruitment and both advertisers and agencies will benefit from an improved real-time validations API, creative API with improved workflows to upload and create ads in bulk, the ability to create and update  commission APIs and simplified reporting domain.

“We are incredibly excited about our new Publisher Interface. This is the first step for our brand new platform which will open up Tradedoubler for our publishers and advertisers and enable us to develop market leading functionality much quicker,” comments Nick Morris, Product Director at Tradedoubler.

We would love to hear your feedback. Contact us at: [email protected]

For further information, please contact:

Andrea Schätzl-Naeve, Digital Marketing and Communication Director
[email protected]


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