To the happy end of 2018 we continued to launch programs here at Tradedoubler Nordics.
Hopefully you´ve already made you familiar with all of them via our website. If not or as a reminder, we´ll update you with some short presentations. Today we start with Hobby Hall FI and Nystart Finans SE. But keep eyes open more presentations will come:

Hobby Hall FI (295403)

This is a program launched on the Finnish market.

Hobby Hall is a department store with products for home and spare time. Historically they´ve sold much through mail order but also in their store located in Vantaa. Hobby Hall were selling records back in 1962 and they had a big impact and role for several successful products used and some worn by the Finnish people throughout modern history i.e. multi-purpose machines and shell suits.

The shop has successfully joined the digital age and offers a selection of over 40 000 products!

Get to know the website:
General commission in the program: 6%/sale

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One of the other programs we´re happy to announce the launch for is:

Nystart Finans SE (295405)

This is about Nystart Finans:
Nystart Finans Sverige AB is a finance company that offers you Nystartlånet – loan without collateral. Before you get a loan from us, we go through your finances, creditworthiness and ability to pay to secure your financial situation.

Our assessment is based on a variety of facts and tasks and unlike many other actors, we do not depend on whether you would have any payment remarks or many inquiries in your credit report. We look at our customer relationship in the long term and therefore have a reward system for you who handle your payments.

Get to know the website:
General commission in the program: 160 sek/Lead

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