Metapic rolls out successfully


In August 2017 Tradedoubler announced the acquisition of Metapic, a popular platform for product recommendations. Metapic collaborates with multiple large publishers within influencer and premium lifestyle media. With this acquisition we have extended our strong position within influencer publishing.

Six months later we see impressive results. In the Nordic region, where the platform originates, Metapic has doubled its revenue over the last couple of months and is working successfully with large brands like NA-KD, Gina Tricot, Nelly, Babyshop, Sportamore and many others. Influencers using Metapic have seen a doubled average earning per click which helps to drive growth. Over 5000 bloggers have used the platform to develop compelling content for these and other brands and have created over 150 000 links to push the sales of their products.



After a successful launch across the Nordic countries, the Metapic platform is currently being rolled out in Poland and Italy. End of 2017 Filip Askviken, Managing Director of Metapic, presented the platform to the Italian market in a series of events. Bloggers and influencers learned how Metapic helps them monetize their websites. Clients learned how Metapic accelerates the growth of their business. The attention was overwhelming. In addition to the event’s attendees more than 2.000 people watched the Facebook livestream event. “The feedback was way above our expectation. Italy is a very interesting market for us”, comments Filip Askviken. “Clients and publishers immediately understood the great potential of the Metapic platform”, says Alma Renna, Country Manager Tradedoubler Italy. The platform will launch in Italy in March 2018.

Tools like Metapic currently experience a big hype. Marketing trend reports for 2018 are stating the rising importance of micro-influencers vs. macro-influencers. MDG’s findings report micro-influencers to have a higher engagement rate, more trust within their community and smaller prices compared to macro-influencers, who have been hyped during the past years. Brands who wanted to leverage this rising trend and work more closely with micro-influencers were shied away by campaigns being too difficult to set up, manage and track. They need tools to scale their activities. Metapic is a perfect solution for dealing with micro-influencers and will therefor continue to grow rapidly.

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