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We love to meet our partners and sometimes we have the opportunity to get that extra time to really get to know more about them. This time we´ve met with Gustaf Terning, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of, and


Gustaf tell us a bit more about yourself, please:

From a professional perspective I run the daily operations of my consultancy company along managing our investments where the start-up we are talking about today is the first one out after quitting my normal occupation as the Global Affiliate and Partner Director at Betsson Group.

I have been working in the field of marketing, management and business development the last 15 years. After spending four years in Betsson Group I have founded my consultancy and investment company sharing the focus for growth and profit optimization in digital companies like e-commerce and online gambling.


7 quick questions and answers

1. Can you introduce your company? What´s the story and the core business value behind it?

My co-founder and myself have founded a leading Swedish online comparison and review service for subscription based grocery delivery (i.e. Linas Matkasse and Ica Matkasse) and prepared dinner packages (i.e. Matkomfort and GI-boxen). Making it more easy for the consumer to make their first choice or to easily switch to a more beneficial subscription.

Customers including City Gross, ICA Matkasse, Linas Matkasse, Middagsfrid, Matkomfort, Mat och Ro, Ecoviva,, Mathem, Coop Online and many more.


2. What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing are superior when it comes to freedom by result. You are free to do whatever, whenever as long as it works in the benefit of the programme.


3. Why did you join the Tradedoubler network and what features do you enjoy?

I enjoy the excellent and experienced people working at Tradedoubler along robust and easy to use platform.


4. Tell us more about your audience

The normal Swedish family is our core target group; 2 adults and 2 kids. Since we are very focused on matkassar and food online (both with quite narrow amount of advertisers) we love to serve all.


5. Do advertisers need anything specific to work with, and

Well pretty much. You qualify as an advertiser as long as you are selling groceries or food online. The major benefit working with us is that you will only be exposed to people that are showing a clear intent to buy your products.


6. Where do you see the industry going?

We see a clear stream of companies rather working with food online than ready made matkassar. The problem is that families still needs help with their inspiration so we think that a mix between them both will be the future; individualised matkassar.


7. Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 month that you´d like to share?

We will very soon release our unique algorithm based services where you can get your best matkasse recommendation just giving us a few pieces of information about you and your family.

Thank you Gustaf, how exciting to learn more about, and!


If you are an advertiser and want to get in touch with Gustaf or any of our other publishers, don´t hesitated to contact our Publisher Support in Stockholm





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