Are you an influencer who wants to make profit out of your passion? Look no further! With our tool Metapic, you can do just that. Metapic connects you with over 1000 high quality advertisers and recommend these advertisers’ products in your content. In short, it makes affiliate marketing more accessible, visual and fair.

What is Metapic?

Metapic is a product platform that connects digital creatives, blog readers and e-commerce. The platform helps you create engaging content customized for your readers and thus helps your own brand grow.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up for the platform
  2. Create your inspiring and personal content
  3. Post the content on your platforms: Instagram, your blog etc.
  4. Generate traffic
  5. Get paid!

What is included in Metapic?

Metapic helps you speed up the process as well as enrich your content with product links to well-known online stores. That way, we ensure that you get compensation for the traffic that is generated.

In order to do this, we’ve included two tools into Metapic: a Collage Tool and a Link Tool. With the Collage Tool, bloggers and digital creatives can easily create mood bords. Images are automatically added to your site, with links below and tags in the images. The Link Tool helps you create adlinks in seconds: all links to our advertisers will be automatically tracked. You don’t need to do anything!


Want to know more about why Metapic is our recommended platform for influencers? Read more here. 


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