Gaming Trend Report first half of 2019


In the Gaming industry we saw a healthy growth during the first half of 2019: Order value increased by 18% YOY on a European level, number of sales by 31%. OV by active program even grew by 97% YOY, while the year before it increased by 65% YOY.

Conversion rate in Gaming increased by 58% YOY to the very high value of 16,2%, while across all industries it just slightly increased to 2,1%. Mobile Sales in Gaming increased by 43% to the record level of 43%, compared to 23% across all industries. AOV in Gaming remained stable at a low value of 13 €, while across all industries the value was much higher at 67 €.




Saturday is Gaming Day!

Interesting aspect is a look at the weekday analysis in Gaming. While across all industries Saturday mostly shows the weakest and Monday the strongest sales in eCommerce, in the Gaming industry we saw a completely different picture. During the first half of 2019 sales on Saturdays was by 70% higher than on any average working day during the week. And AOV also peaked on Saturdays!




Content Sites still leading

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, by far the top seller remained Content Sites (Vertical Sites and Bloggers). These two increased their OV by 10% YOY and are now accounting for 59% of the total Gaming OV across Europe.

Key facts for Content Sites (Vertical Sites &  Bloggers) in Gaming:



Sweden is the largest market!

The biggest player in H1 2019 in the Gaming industry was Sweden with an increase in OV of 57% YOY. The Swedish market now accounts for over 80% of the whole European order value in this segment, followed by Italy and France. Order value in Italy increased by incredible 183% YOY. Mobile sales in Sweden increased by 53% YOY and is now at 57%. In Italy it even increased by 73% YOY and is now at 41%.

Quick facts for Gaming in Sweden at a glance:



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