Nya funktioner för publicister- Chrome Extension

I november släpper vi en Google Chrome Extension för publicister. Med Google Chrome Extension få du tillgång till ditt konto och tillgängliga program- när som helst och var som helst. Vi har dessutom utökat Digital Wallets med en rapport för att skapa större transparens. Chrome Extension Chrome Extension ger snabb...

Better insights into performance metrics now live in Publisher Interface

In October Tradedoubler releases new features for publishers including digital wallets and EPI grouping in statistics plus an overview on average payment and cancellation rates. Greater transparency and better insights into our network data increase efficiency and enable our publishers to take more informed business decisions. New features to the...

Online Marketing Rockstars Recap

Tradedoubler looks back on a successful space mission in Hamburg. Online Marketing Rockstars 2019 was a very successful trade show and conference with new trends, great discussions and deals.

Qatar Airways live in Nordics

The program of Qatar Airways, national carrier of the State of Qatar and the world’s fastest-growing airline, has started in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark.

Blockchain and Affiliate Marketing

How Blockchain will revolutionise Affiliate Marketing The following article was published on LinkedIn. The affiliate marketing industry was worth approx. 13 Billion US $ in 2018 with annual growth of 12%. Affiliate Marketing is used by 80% of brands, is one of the most profitable forms of online advertising and...