DWH.se launched in Sweden

Since 2012, DWH.se has been the store for electronic components and accessories. Today you´ll find items in other categories as well, for example: health, make up, home etc And don´t miss that you get double commission the first weeks

Top Global Trends in Affiliate Marketing for 2019

Top Global Trends in Affiliate Marketing for 2019   Affiliate marketing is one of the most exciting disciplines in digital marketing. It is predicted to be a 6.8 billion dollar industry in 2020 and has always been an incubator for new disciplines. Back in the days search was part of...

Swedish Mother´s day May 27th

The day to celebrate and honour all wonderful mothers out there is coming closer. The Swedish Mother´s Day are this year on May 27th. At Tradedoubler we have plenty of advertisers ready for Mother´s Day! They have products perfect for this celebration.


DESIGNSPOTTING Event in Copenhagen, by Boozt & Radisson Blu! ”On January 31st Boozt.com and Radisson hosted an event in Copenhagen at Radisson Blu Royal. The event was hosted to strengthen the relation between the two advertisers and their publishers as well as meeting potential new publishers. The evening included interesting...

Metapic rolls out successfully

Metapic rolls out successfully   In August 2017 Tradedoubler announced the acquisition of Metapic, a popular platform for product recommendations. Metapic collaborates with multiple large publishers within influencer and premium lifestyle media. With this acquisition we have extended our strong position within influencer publishing. Six months later we see impressive...

Affiliate Marketing Trends 2018

Affiliate Marketing Trends 2018   Also in 2018, there will be some important trends that will keep us busy. Multi-attribution will for sure become more important. Advertisers want to partner with a higher number of content publishers, who usually don’t receive compensation due to the user journey and last-click logic....

Rekordnivåer under Black Friday

Rekordnivåer under Black Friday   Tradedoubler EMEA nådde rekordnivåer under Black Friday! Detaljerad rapport går att läsa på vår engelska site. Och här följer detaljer för Sverige som också visar en väsentlig tillväxt