7 Quick questions to Casinio.se

One of the things we like the most are to talk to our advertisers and publishers. We love to get feedback referred to our collaborations, platform, network etc etc. And we want to share as much as possible with you!

Recently we had the opportunity to ask 7 quick questions to Casinios Malta Operations Manager, Jacob Davies.


  1. Hi Jacob, let us get to know Casinio.se a bit more, please.

 – At Casinio.se we review licensed and approved iGaming companies in the Nordic markets. Our core business value is to bring clarity from both sides of a story.

We are focusing more on telling the story how it really is, in our reviews the customer can read content that gives the complete picture of the topic.


  1. Where do you think the affiliate space heading to in 2019 and what are the main markets disruptions?

 – One thing that has really started to pick up pace in the last couple of years is the consolidation and even cannibalization of affiliate sites to benefit the publicly traded affiliate companies.

With the help of being listed on the Stock Exchanges in London, Oslo and Stockholm the larger sites can absorb smaller domains in a faster rate than ever before. This creates a bigger moat for newer sites that they have to cross in order to succeed. 

There was some concerns about the iGaming sector undergoing a regulation in the Swedish market at the start of 2019 but from what we can tell, this have only benefited the consumer and end-customer in positive ways so far.


  1. Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months that you’d like to share?

 – We have been working intensely on developing our own platform for us which enables us to scale up our business x10 fold. With the help of Tradedoubler we can easily engage and launch this platform in more European markets.

Since Tradedoubler is already live in a large number of Geos, we’re live in a new market with a simple press of a button when we decide that we want to.

Tradedoubler offers us support, coaching and a simple billing system to keep us focusing what we do best.


  1. Why did you join the Tradedoubler network and what features do you enjoy?

 – Tradedoubler offers us support, coaching and a simple billing system to keep us focusing what we do best. Other advantages when working with Tradedoubler is the vast number of programs connected to the system. We can get a quick and complete statistic overview of the traffic chains with help of the Tradedoublers backend systems. With over 20 years of affiliate experience Tradedoublers collected know-how is undisputed in the industry. 

The affiliate-team at Tradedoubler is helping us with our questions in a fast and constructive manner.


  1. What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

 – As an affiliate time is your most precious resource. You get the opportunity to set and decide your own working hours. With performance based marketing you get paid in relation of the time you invest – when invested correctly. There is a lot of pitfalls that needs to be maneuvered as an affiliate. It’s really rewarding when you “crack the code” in a new project and see the traffic growing.


  1. Do you have any advice for others wanting to start out with affiliate marketing?

 – Don’t try to skip your homework. When working with  affiliate marketing and regardless of your strategy you want to pursue,  your traffic analysis is the number 1 most important thing. There is no shortcuts. Quality is rewarded in the end over quantity. Follow the guidelines and rules in SEO and marketing and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. There is already a clear path which your competitors have gone through which you can take inspiration from.


A big thank you to Jacob and the rest of the team at Casinio!




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