Developer Documentation Portal

Make Affiliate Marketing flexible and automated! Our new Developer Documentation Portal has helpful information about our APIs. It will help you to manage your affiliate marketing activities more easily and efficiently! We have optimised the website design and usability of our Documentation Portal. Additionally, it now provides you with even more input on integrating our APIs and automating your affiliate activities.

Tradedoubler Advertiser API

Advertisers will receive detailed documentation on integrating and using our Advertiser API. The API makes it easier to manage your affiliate marketing activities and allows you to analyse your performance using various reports. Here are some examples of tasks that can be automated with our Advertiser API:

· Programme management (e.g. create/ update/ delete programmes)
· Advertising media management (e.g. creating/ updating/ deleting ads)
· Claim management (e.g. overview of all claims, status enquiry, updates)
· Reporting & performance analysis (e.g. statistics on product, event, or category)

Here you can find the Advertiser API Documentation >>

Developer Documentation Portal - Advertiser API

Tradedoubler Publisher API

The Publisher API supports you as a publisher in managing your advertiser partnerships and analysing the performance of your website(s) and app(s) (we refer to both as „Sources“ in the Documentation Portal). Here are some examples of the tasks you can use our API for:

· Website management (e.g. listing all websites, creating/updating/deleting websites)
· Programme management (e.g. listing all programmes that work with a specific website, listing all product feeds, applying for a new programme)
· Compensation management (e.g. listing of all payments, account balance breakdown, earnings breakdown)
· Claim management (e.g. create/update/delete claim, list all claims)

Here you can find the Publisher API Documentation >>

Tradedoubler Network API

Private Network Partners who use our Tradedoubler technology to manage their network also have API documentation in our new Developer Portal. The Network API makes it easier for you to manage your advertisers and publishers. Here are examples of how you can use the API:

· Organisation management (e.g. creating advertisers or publishers, listing all organisations in the network)
· User management (e.g. listing all users of an organisation incl. user ID)
· Programme Management (e.g. link website and programme, list all websites for a specific programme)
· Publisher management (e.g. create/update/delete a publisher list, create publisher mailings)

Here you can find the Network API Documentation >>

Do you have some questions about our APIs or our new Developer Documentation Portal? Then please get in touch with our experts here >>

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