Best practices for App Campaigns

Every marketeer knows that it is crucial to adopt the best techniques to ensure their app marketing campaigns are successful. To have the most effective mobile app marketing campaigns, your strategies must leverage creativity, which encourages mobile users to engage and purchase. Keep reading to learn the best practices for successful app campaigns.

1. Determine the goals

Before starting an app campaign, ask: what is my objective(s)? Having proper and clear goals will get you in the right direction towards a successful campaign. Be it Install or other events in the app like Registration, First Purchase, First Transaction, Tutorial Complete, knowing what is important will help allocate budget spending and optimisation accordingly.

2. Consistently think in the now and embrace urgency

It is advisable to engage in timely or trending conversations that are currently making waves. It can go a long way toward making your content appear fresh and highly relevant, especially in users’ eyes. Also the mobile app campaigns that portray a sense of urgency to your users will have high engagement levels. Such is the case with one-time promotions and seasonal offers. These are associated with considerably low cost-per-install and high app download rates.

3. Measure the campaign’s performance

Measuring your app campaigns is an essential practice that allows you to stay proactive in your efforts to improve your strategy and boost user acquisition. For example, you can measure the number of people who opened your app, the number of people who purchased products from your app, and more.

4. Continuously test and optimise

Continuous testing and optimisation will allow you to get a clear picture of the specific ad inventory that leads to the best results and reach the ideal target audience. From the results you can optimise your campaign for higher engagement and conversions. Consistently monitoring the campaigns helps you gain insights, and taking appropriate actions from those insights will keep your campaigns moving towards the goals.

5. Long-term budget

Plan a sufficient budget for testing and optimisation. Always on campaign is a good idea.

It takes some time, usually 2-4 weeks, to have a good picture of the delivery. Allowing sufficient time and having a dedicated budget is key to achieving your goals. It is highly not effective to turn on and off campaigns too frequently as the build-up momentum of positive performance could be lost. It is advisable to keep the campaigns active with a smaller budget rather than pausing completely.

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