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You are an influencer and want to transform your passion into profit?
Make money by connecting with 1.000 + high quality advertisers and recommend their products in your content!

You are an advertiser and want to grow your business by connecting with really relevant influencers?
Meet Metapic, the popular platform for product recommendations!

What Metapic is

Metapic, a Tradedoubler company, is a product platform connecting digital creatives, blog readers and e-commerce. The idea is to make affiliate marketing more accessible, visual and fair. The popular platform for product recommendations is helping advertisers and digital creatives within premium lifestyle media to grow through reader engaging content. Founded in Sweden in 2014 the company has attracted 40 000 users and it is Tradedoubler’s recommended goto source for influencer marketing. With Metapic digital creatives transform their passion into profit. Intuitive tools help you create beautiful content that generates revenue. Recommend products with attractive collages, images or text and get paid for every click! Tagged posts increase engagement and make it easier for the reader to find recommended products.

 Tools included in the Metapic platform:

As a blogger, you reach and inspire a big crowd with each post. Metapic helps you easily enrich your content with helpful product links to well-known online stores – which ensures you get compensation for traffic.

Collage Tool

Create beautiful content with products from great advertisers. Our collage tool enables bloggers and digital creatives to easily create mood boards. Images are automatically added to your site with links below and tags in the images. Features include:

  • Search, filter and categories to find your favorite products
  • Save favorites
  • Automatic removal of product image backgrounds
  • Add text and symbols
  • Upload your own picture


Link Tool

Create adlinks/affiliate links in seconds. All links to our partners in your post will be automatically tracked. You don’t need to do anything!

Tagged Images

Upload your own picture and tag it, to help your readers find the products you wear.

Works on every device

Metapic is web based and works on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Fashion, Interior design, Lifestyle and much more

1.200 e-commerce stores are connected to Metapic. Join our family! 40 000 profiles and Partner Portals have already registered on the Metapic platform.

Integration with most blog platforms

Metapic provides building blocks that can be customized for your particular flow and platform. To give both bloggers and visitors the best experience, we are working to get Metapic integrated into all major blog portals. That way, you do not need to mix with a single line of code. If your blog portal does not yet support Metapic, or if you have your own WordPress blog, you can still install and use our service. Is your site built in WordPress? Get our plugin!

Magnus Karlsson

Wspólnie z firmą Metapic udostępniamy w ramach naszej platformy całkowicie zintegrowane rozwiązanie. Owocna współpraca umożliwiła włączenie naszej sieci blogów influencerskich, budowanie wartościowych treści, które generują wynagrodzenie, a także poprawiła proces rekrutacji.

Magnus Karlsson, największej sieci blogowej w krajach nordyckich

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You are an influencer or digital creative and want to make money by recommending products in your content? Then Metapic is the right platform for you!