Travel Trend Report for January 2020


As expected and seen in previous Blogposts about the seasonality of the travel order value, the highest peak was noticed in January. Interestingly, the trend of the curve of the order value in 2019 is quite similar to 2018, even though a steady increase can be observed. However, as already known, the month of January is particularly important, followed by July.




Just as expected we saw an immense increase in the travel OV again at the beginning of 2020 with healthy growth in OV by +19% YOY and by remarkable +38% compared to January 2018! The number of sales in January 2020 grew by 32% compared to January 2019 and Mobile Sales increased by 32% YOY. Nonetheless the Smartphone AOV decreased to 284 EUR compared to 352 EUR in January 2019, it remained higher than the average order value across all devices. The average order value across all devices in January 2020 was at 105 EUR compared to 116 EUR in January 2019. The conversion rate remained relatively stable at 2% YOY. The number of Clicks increased by +70% compared to January 2019.




Best performing country


The highest travel order value during January 2020 was generated in the UK, Poland, and France. The UK took a share of 28% of the total travel order value across all countries. Followed by Poland (21%) and France (16%). In total, these three countries accounted for 65% of the total order value across all countries.




Some countries have experienced specifically high growth in travel order value for January 2020. The highest growth in OV was again achieved in Poland with remarkable growth of +517% YOY! Followed by Spain with +106% YOY and the Nordics (+37% YOY).




The highest number of sales was generated in the UK with immense growth in the number of sales of +240% compared to January 2019. Followed by Poland (+108% YOY) and France (+40% YOY). Very interesting observation: in some countries, shopping on smartphones is still quite important despite some decreasing numbers, resulting in even higher smartphone AOVs than the global average.




The AOV for all countries during January 2020 was at 105 EUR. Some countries showed an even higher average order value, e.g. Poland with 160 EUR, the Nordics with 151 EUR, the UK with 132 EUR and Benelux with 114 EUR. The highest growth in Mobile Sales during January 2020 was achieved in Poland by remarkable +1495% YOY!


Publisher models


Looking at the publisher models: four site types shared 76% of the overall travel order value between each other: Cashback/Loyalty (30%), Third-party technology (22%), Coupon/Discount (14%) and Vertical site (10%).




The conversion rate in Cashback/Loyalty further increased to a new record level of 19% in January 2020 (compared to a CR of 2% across the travel industry). The share of mobile sales in this publisher model increased to 19%, while mobile sales in general across the travel industry remained at a low 6%. Interestingly, the highest number of sales for travel during January 2020 was generated through Bloggers with a growth in the number of sales of +14% compared to January 2019.

Looking at the three best performing publisher models during January 2020:


Cashback/Loyalty at a glance



Third party techno at a glance



Coupon/Discount-codes at a glance




Overall, the January Travel Season was a huge success for Tradedoubler. Even though January remained the most important month for the industry, we saw a trend for July as well, that still needs to be observed this year.

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