Travel Trend Report 2018

The traditional high season for travel bookings is imminent and will start again right after Christmas! Interesting observation: According to our numbers in 2018 travel bookings across Europe were not so concentrated to the month of January –  like it was the case in 2017. Especially the second half of 2018 saw a constant increase in travel order value. In July 2018 order value has even reached the high level of January!

Travel Seasonality

Overall our numbers show that the travel industry can look back at a very successful 2018 with strong growth YTD: Order value was up by 21% YOY, number of sales by 71% and the conversion rate increased by 60% (1,6% in 2017 vs. 2,5% in 2018).

Travel Trends


Poland surpasses all expectations

Some countries have seen specifically high growth in order value in 2018 YOY in the travel segment: Poland grew by incredible 250%, Belgium by 110%, Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany all by healthy 40 to 50%.

Travel Europe


Cashback/Loyalty extends its lead

Looking at the publisher models three site types continue to share almost 70% of the overall travel order value between each other: Cashback/Loyalty (35%), Coupon/Discount (18%) and Vertical sites (16%). Cashback/Loyalty benefited by far the most from the positive numbers in travel 2018 and grew by 35% YOY. Conversion rate in Cashback/Loyalty increased by 27% in 2018 to the record level of 14% (compared to a CR of 2,5% across the travel industry). The share of mobile sales increased by 16% YOY to a level of 15%, while mobile sales in general across the travel industry remains at a low level of 5%.


Key facts for Cashback/Loyalty in Travel

Travel cashback


Key facts for Coupons/Discount codes/Deals in Travel

Travel coupons


Key facts for Vertical sites in Travel

Even though seasonality is slightly shifting away from the all-leaving month of January, the beginning of the year remains one of the strongests seasons for travel bookings. Our numbers prove that there’s a lot of potential in this fast growing industry for you! Therefor if you haven’t planned or booked your travel campaigns yet, please get in touch with your Client Development Teams right away!


Key facts for Travel across Europe at a glance

Travel Trends

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