Know-How Guide #1: Premium Content


What is the Know-How Guide?

Tradedoubler supports the growth of advertisers and publishers through performance marketing services and technology solutions. In addition to new technology that we develop for our clients, we are also a platform provider and incubator for new and innovative partner models.

In this and our upcoming Know How Guides we present and explain the most important new partners and models for 2020, which will bring you, as advertisers, incremental revenue growth, new customers and target groups, as well as enhanced awareness.

How does it work? Quite simply, by using the entire sales channel – from the first customer contact to the checkout.


Premium Content

Naturally, the most prominent advertising spaces are always the most popular. In the online sector, these are the websites of large publishing houses and news portals with a wide range of topics. In the past, it was precisely these channels that were difficult to access for performance marketing. At Tradedoubler, however, we have been able to establish several strategic partnerships with well-known players in this field over the last two years and achieve enormous success for our clients using performance-based campaigns.

The integration of campaigns can be done in several ways. Using Native Ad, individual text-image combinations are automatically displayed in articles. The application is very unobtrusive and thereby seen more as a recommendation than an advertisement.

Advertorials can be used to present entire brands or products. The texts, which are usually written as guides, always offer the customer an added value of information. In price comparisons and deal columns, special sales actions can be placed. In all campaigns, the focus is always on the benefit to the customer, high-quality and unobtrusive integration into the site.

The spectrum of topics ranges from general news to sports, leisure, travel, feature pages, guidebooks, and comparisons. The content is created by the in-house editorial team or supplied via premium content partnerships helping you to acquire the right target group for each product.





Content partners address a broad spectrum of users with a variety of topics. It is easy to forget that even very high-profile target groups are served via many sub-pages. Premium content publishers always find a suitable form of advertising and can also generate suitable content for each campaign goal.

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