Get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day on February 14 is approaching quickly and now it’s high time for you to get ready!  Data from the previous year showed that shoppers began to think about Valentine’s Day earlier than the years before. Jewellery and beauty sales increased early February, they were planned and executed far in advance.

Totally different for flower sales! They increased steadily until February 13 and many clients even shopped flowers on Valentine’s Day itself. The following graph is created based on our data from large flower brands across Europe (Euroflorist, eFlorist, Fleurop, Teleflorist, iFlorist, FloraQueen).

If we look at the 14 days prior to Valentine’s Day, in 2017 the order value of flower shopping has increased by 120% YOY, number of sales increased by 128% YOY. The daily order value of these 14 days in February were 190% higher than the average daily order value for the rest of the year 2017. So Valentine’s Day can really make a difference!

Some tips and strategies for advertisers to maximise your sales during Valentine’s Day:

  • Adjust your website and ad copy to reflect various shopper types
  • Reach out to a broader base of publishers
  • Prepare earlier – if you don’t sell flowers.   The data proves that online “holiday” shopping is beginning earlier.
  • Create great specific offers for selected affiliates.

And one tip from eFlorist/EuroFlorist to all publishers:

Did you know we are always open to tailor made promotions? If you want to be our exclusive partner and can give eFlorist top position on your websites, in newsletters, social posts etc. we can offer you tailor made communications, creative assets discount codes etc.

We also offer generous commissions for affiliates, so there are plenty of reasons to promote the program!

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