Effective lead generation for ING

Tradedoubler overachieved the client’s goals and its campaign was honoured with a Performance Marketing Diamonds award!

ING Bank Śląski is one of the biggest retail banks in Poland, with one of the most developed online banking services. The company serves more than  4,6 million retail customers and nearly 60,000 corporate clients. Cash loans are one of the key products in the ING Bank Śląski offer. Tradedoubler was asked to help the bank to continue growth in this sector. The goal was to increase the cash loans lead generation by 20% and to increase sales from these leads by 10%.

The team had to deal with a couple of challenges: The cash loans market is one of the most competitive financial products in Poland – 54% of the marketing budgets of banks in 2016 were invested in this category. Furthermore, the quality of cash loan leads –  mainly from financial comparison sites and their networks –  have decreased significantly over the past years. Standard ad formats have become less efficient and AdBlock penetration increased.

Our strategy to achieve the client’s goal was to communicate cash loan in a different way – so that consumers perceive loan not as a debt or cost but as an investment into their future. We decided to personalize the message depending on what specific product the customer was interested in and to focus marketing activities on native, contextual placements. The goal was to create new contextual and interactive ad placements on websites, where people search for products and offers, for which they may need money to finance them. Placements needed to be integrated with publisher’s website layout. That required close cooperation with publishers and their flexibility to modify the structure of their sites.

With the help of interactive widgets more than 800,000 personalised landing pages were generated in six months. Tradedoubler presented ING Bank Śląski as a bank that makes things possible. Rather than force the client to leave a lead, we have used the landing page to show them the instalment amount and all details they need to make a well-informed decision.


The results were very impressive:

  • More traffic: + 27% unique visits
  • More leads: + 24% cash loans leads
  • More efficiency: + 28% leads followed by successful customer contact
  • More sales: + 12% sales increase

By achieving these numbers, Tradedoubler was not only able to overachieve the customer’s targets. The jury of the Performance Marketing Diamonds Awards also perceived this campaign as convincing enough to honour it with the award for the most effective lead generation campaign 2018!

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