CEO with 15 years of experience at Tradedoubler

From Account Manager to CEO – Tradedoubler has made it possible for Matthias Stadelmeyer. Matthias has been a part of Tradedoubler for 15 years and has worked to the top in this time. We interviewed our CEO for you and discovered some interesting facts and information about him!

Matthias Stadelmeyer
Matthias Stadelmeyer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Matthias, you are 15 years at Tradedoubler now. Tell us a little bit about your career at Tradedoubler.

I joined Tradedoubler 2007 as Account Manager for our Private Network Solution in Germany. Since then I had a number of different roles in Germany and internationally being based in London, mainly working in sales and in project management until I became CEO in April 2014.

What was your best moment at Tradedoubler?

There’s not this one best moment, but all the situations when something works out that are the best ones for me. When you work with your team on a plan and invest effort and then this plan finally succeeds it gives me a real energy boost back especially if I see colleagues succeeding who I believe and trust in.

What made you want to become a CEO? Was it always your childhood dream to run a company?

I never planned to become CEO and wasn’t expecting it either. As my career before was mainly in sales and operations I rather saw myself in this area. So when I was appointed CEO it was a big surprise for me. It was a steep learning curve in the beginning and still is. Now I enjoy the role and the responsibility that comes with it a lot and I wouldn´t want to miss it anymore.

What would you say was the best decision in your professional career?

To join Tradedoubler and to stay here even in the toughest times.

How long have you been in the affiliate industry, and what attracted you to it?

I worked with online and performance marketing already before I joined Tradedoubler, but it was here that I really connected with the industry for the first time. Affiliate Marketing is an incredibly dynamic, fast-moving and creative industry and you meet many people that are just like this as well.

Did your parents have a specific career in mind for you? If yes, which job and why?

I was rather raised based on social values. So career topics weren’t really on my agenda until I studied.

Is there anything you couldn’t do without in your life?

I couldn’t do anything without the people close to me. That’s my family, my wife and my three sons, my friends and my team and the colleagues at Tradedoubler. Besides these relationships I need to do a lot of sports to balance myself. At endurance sports like running, cycling or hiking I can really switch-off and recharge.

If you were a food, what would it be and why?

I love Pizza – ask our Italian colleagues 😉 – and salad, but I can’t really tell you why.

What advice would you give to recent new employees?

Have a plan, do what you think is right, always believe in yourself and concentrate on your next step – then you will always be successful whatever you do.

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