What is it, and are you ready for ITP 2.0?

Later this year, Apple plans to release an update to its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) across its Safari browser which will affect both mobile and desktop devices (iOS and OS X) https://www.cnet.com/news/heres-how-apples-browsing-privacy-features-will-work-safari/. This change is targeted at technologies that rely on third party tracking and profiling, largely players such as Google and Facebook.

We have identified 2 key issues with ITP 2.0:

  • 3rd party cookies and cookieless tracking will be rendered useless, and no conversions will be tracked.
  • DoubleClick tracking may also not work

At Tradedoubler we’ve been testing the upcoming changes to Safari and are ensuring we are prepared for this release. In advance we advise all clients to implement our First Party tracking solution. Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager who will assist you with this small setup change.

Tradedoubler recommends:

  • Advertising clients using 3rd party tracking only should implement 1st party tracking as soon as possible.
  • Advertising clients using DoubleClick for de-duplication and attribution should upgrade their implementation to take advantage of Google’s Global Tag to ensure they have First Party Tracking. https://developers.google.com/gtagjs/

Alternatively Tradedoubler’s white-label partner management solution provides automated de-duplication and Cross-Channel attribution with User Journey reporting and proven First Party tracking for over 10 years. You can utilise the same tracking setup as your on-going public affiliate programs at Tradedoubler.

Speak to your account manager for more information.

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