Tradedoubler introduces the Premium Publisher Group

Tradedoubler has recently launched the Premium Publisher Group (PPG) in the Netherlands. This group has been set up to make sure KPIs like sales and revenue growth can be achieved.

Publishers in the PPG have a good and reliable cooperation with Tradedoubler. The publishers have some very strict quality requirements. Our publisher experts are always looking for new collaborations, so new publishers will be added to the group regularly.

The Premium Publisher Group offers many benefits for both the affiliated publishers as for the advertisers.


Benefits for advertisers:

The PPG offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their program(s) and their deals within the group.

A few ways how you can use the publishers in this group:

  • Communicate deals early on to the PPG so the publishers can get better prepared, then once the deal has started, inform the rest of the publishers connected to the program (but not in the PPG).
  • Distribute discount codes and/or exclusive deals exclusively to the PPG.
  • Work with a CPA increase for the whole group for extra exposure or another incentive.


Benefits for publishers:

As a selected member of the PPG, this will offer a lot of benefits: deals, codes, incentives will be available exclusively for this group. As a member you will receive invites for trainings and webinars and if you like, you will be automatically connected to new programs, which gives you an early start to promote the program.



Would you like to be part of the Premium Publisher Group? Please contact:

[email protected].


Are you, as an advertiser, interested in the Premium Publisher Group, and would you like to receive more information about the (creative) possibilities? Please contact your Account Manager.

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