Talking with Cathrine Allberg, second most long-standing employee at Tradedoubler


Cathrine, you are with Tradedoubler for 17 years and have experienced a lot of changes and development in the company. We would like to find out a little bit about how life at Tradedoubler was when you started.

Cathrine Allberg


In which team did you start working and what was your initial role?

I started as a trainee at the development department of the Stockholm headquarter in November 2002. My first role was as Second Line support. At that time most java developers started their position in this role to learn about the business and the domain model. I stayed in that role for a long time and later moved on to being a backend database developer.

How would you describe Tradedoubler at the time when you started? How different was life at the company compared to today?

The company was growing quickly and it was hard to keep up with all the recruitments going on and all the new people coming on board. The climate was very driven and ambitious – always new things happening and new ideas implemented. The speed of everything was fast-forward – a great era.

What was your most exciting experience at Tradedoubler?

It has been a long ride and I have been part of a lot of exciting product releases and other huge events like when the company was listed as NASDAQ. A really nice memory and event was when the whole company met in Sweden at Kolmården and we had the opportunity to mingle with all colleagues from around Europe.

You are working with Tradedoubler for so many years now, what do you like most about the company?

Every day you learn something new – yes, still! 🙂 Either about the business, the technology or about myself. As long as I have that feeling; that I continue to develop, be challenged and learn new things I’m happy to stay on board. The company and my role at Tradedoubler have shifted so much over the years and I feel that I always had awesome colleagues which makes it very easy to enjoy the work.


What would you like to tell all new starters in product development at Tradedoubler?

Working as a system developer at Tradedoubler you are a major contributor in developing our platform with modern technology. You have a great opportunity to influence what the future of online tracking will look like. In short you are a part of a high performing team working with our most important asset using the very latest technology to support massive volumes of data and transactions at a very high speed – I promise that you will never get bored and you will definitely learn new things that you didn’t know before!


Thanks a lot for the interview, Cathrine!

Cathrine Allberg

Cathrine Allberg is Development Manager at our Stockholm office. She is managing our team of backend developers, a group of 14 amazing people.

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