Results winter sales 2018

The winter sales have ended and have been a great success on our platform!
We have realised a growth in Order Value of 31% and 32% growth in the Average Order Value (AOV) in comparison to January 2017.


If we look at which category of advertisers have performed well, we can see that Shopping & Retail has grown 70%, Computer & Electronics has also grown nicely with 44%.

As you might know the winter sales run for one month, so when should you push your program during this period?

The visual below shows that the first few days of the month are most important in terms of order value, with the 3d of January as the highest grossing day. There is a small uplift in the middle of the period and then again at the end of month around the 30th.

So you can choose to push your campaign at the start of the sales, so that you get enough visibility between the heavy competition. Besides that, you can give a push at the end of the month to have a part in the uplift of the last few days. Do you think that your affiliate program will get enough traffic at the start and the end naturally? Then you can choose to get visibility during the remainder of the month so that you can try to keep your results stable throughout the sales.

How successful are the winter sales in comparison to the holiday period at the end of the year? November and December are (also) incredibly important periods! Below you can see the Order Value (%) of those three months, divided per month. It is clear that November performs very well, especially for Computer & Electronics. The reason for this is, of course, Cyber Weekend (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) which makes of November such a good month, that January can’t compete with that. However, regarding the other two categories you can clearly see that the winter sales in January perform much better.


Looking at the differences in the average order value (AOV) we observe that this is highest in January for Shopping & Retail and Fashion. Again, this is not the case for Computer & Electronics for which Cyber Weekend is the reason.

AOV (EUR) Per Month
November December January
Computer & Electronics  161 82 120
Shopping & Retail 108 99 149
Fashion 91 79 93

The next sales in Belgium are in June. Before it starts we will have a look at the data of previous years and give you data-driven insights to help you prepare your affiliate program.

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