Record results for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Over the last past years, not only Black Friday and Cyber Monday became large online and offline shopping days in the world, but also the whole Black Week itself. At Tradedoubler we have now finalized our numbers and generated 41% more order value compared to the Black Week 2018 and even 52% more sales!

Going into the details of Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

OV on Black Friday increased by +27% YOY and Sales by 32% YOY! Whilst Smartphone AOV and AOV slightly decreased by 4% to 96 EUR, the number of clicks grew by a remarkable 51% and Mobile Sales by 63% YOY! Comparing Black Friday to an average day in 2019, the order value was up by 542%!

KPI Black Friday

Even more impressive results showed the numbers for Cyber Monday. OV increased by 49% YOY. The number of sales grew by a remarkable 63% YOY and mobile sales by 77% YOY! Whilst the AOV decreased to 78 EUR (compared to 85 EUR on Cyber Monday 2018), Smartphone AOV increased by 2% to now 83 EUR and is therefore even higher than the AOV. Compared to an average day in 2019 the order value on Cyber Monday was up by 248% YOY!

KPI Cyber Monday

The order value for Black Week (Cyber Monday on Dec. 2nd and 7 days prior) was up +41% and the number of sales by +52% YOY. Looking at the Black Week overall, Black Friday generated the highest order value, followed by Cyber Monday and the Sunday prior to Cyber Monday.

Order Value Black Week

Mobile Sales during Black Week 2019 grew by 78% compared to 2018. AOV slightly decreased to 78 EUR across all markets (compared to 83 EUR during Cyber Week 2018), however, Smartphone AOV remained relatively stable at 81 EUR and remained higher than the AOV.

Which countries showed the best results

Black Friday

The highest growth in order value on Black Friday compared to 2018 has been achieved in Poland (+91%), Italy (+50%), Benelux (+47%), the Nordics (+31%) and the UK (+10%). The same representation was also shown in growth in OV during Black Week.

Growth OV Black friday

In terms of mobile sales, many markets are catching up with the early adopters. The biggest increase in this year’s mobile sales on Black Friday compared to 2018 has been achieved in the UK (+288% YOY) and Poland (+122% YOY).

Power shoppers once again came from Poland with increased sales by 90% YOY and increased order value by 91% YOY! Whilst the UK grew by a remarkable 68% YOY in sales, Italy grew by 50% YOY in order value.

Cyber Monday

The highest growth in order value on Cyber Monday compared to 2018 has been achieved in Poland (+114%), Italy (+76%) and Spain (+62%).

Growth OV Cyber Monday

Again, Poland surpassed all expectations: the number of sales grew by 123% YOY on Cyber Monday, mobile sales by 159% YOY. However, the UK provided the highest mobile sales across all markets on Cyber Monday with a remarkable growth of 182% compared to Cyber Monday 2018.

The average order value on smartphones slightly decreased to a global average of 93 EUR on Black Friday, whereas the smartphone AOV on Cyber Monday increased to 83 EUR. Very interesting observation: in some countries, shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more important, resulting in even higher smartphone AOVs than the global average.

comparison smartphone AOV

The best performing market during the whole Black Week was Poland with an increased order value by 97% YOY! Followed by Italy (+97% YOY), the Nordics (+52% YOY), and the UK (+31% YOY).

Which industries benefit most

We saw significant growth again in order value of Shopping & Retail (+48%), traditionally one of the strongest segments on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. An interesting observation this year: Computer & Electronics, still part of the strongest industries on Black Friday, has declined by 7%, but Travel is catching up quickly, showing strong growth of 60% and becoming the fourth-strongest industry on Black Friday!

Shopping & Retail generated the highest order value on Black Friday and took a share of 34% of the total OV across all industries. Followed by Computer & Electronics (31% of the total OV), Fashion (9%) and Travel (7%).

share of ov

Similarly, on Cyber Monday the best performing industry was again Shopping & Retail with an increased order value by 62% YOY! Whilst Travel showed impressive results on Black Friday, the industry performed even better on Cyber Monday. Travel accounted for 27% of the total order value across all industries with an order value growth of +129% YOY! Resulting in travel being the second most important business driver on Cyber Monday. Followed by Health & Beauty (+189% YOY), Fashion (+48%) and Computers & Electronics (+5% YOY).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain to be the most significant seasonal business drivers for Retail, Fashion and Computer & Electronics across Europe.

Key facts for Shopping & Retail at a glance:

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Key facts for Computer & Electronics at a glance:

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Key facts for Fashion at a glance:

Black Friday

KPI Fashion BF
Cyber Monday

KPI Fashion CM
Publisher Models

Looking at the publisher models: four site types shared 66% of the overall order value between each other: Cashback/Loyalty (24%), Coupon/Discount (20%), Price Comparison (12%) and Vertical sites (10%).

share publisher model

Cashback/Loyalty showed an increased OV by 27% YOY and provided the highest number of sales amongst all publisher models on Cyber Monday (21% of the number of sales across all publisher models were generated by Cashback/Loyalty). Whilst AOV and Smartphone AOV both grew slightly by +3% YOY on Black Friday up to 88 EUR (AOV) and 85 EUR (Smartphone AOV), on Cyber Monday they slightly declined to 68 EUR (AOV) and 86 EUR (Smartphone AOV). Mobile Sales for Cashback/Loyalty increased by 51% on Black Friday and even by 60% on Cyber Monday.


Interestingly, Coupon/Discount codes showed more impressive results on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. OV increased by 5% YOY on Black Friday vs. 29% YOY on Cyber Monday. AOV and Smartphone AOV slightly declined, however, the number of sales increased by 36% YOY on Cyber Monday and Mobile Sales by 56% YOY. On Black Friday the number of sales only increased by 5%, mobile sales however by 35% YOY.


On Black Friday, Price comparison increased their order value by 53% YOY. Whilst Smartphone AOV slightly declined to 153 EUR, AOV increased to now 160 EUR. The number of sales increased by 48% and Mobile Sales by 82% YOY. On Cyber Monday the order value and number of sales increased by 75% YOY. The AOV remained relatively stable at 117 EUR and slightly lower than the Smartphone AOV at 120 EUR. Mobile Sales increased by a remarkable 134% YOY!

price comparison

Overall, the whole Black Week including Black Friday and Cyber Monday was a huge success. For even better performance next year, follow our tips and get in touch with your Tradedoubler contact person at an early stage.

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