Publisher Spotlight: Twenga


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Twenga is a Google Premium CSS and Microsoft Bing Select Partner Aggregator that drives incremental sales from Shopping Ads. We help merchants to supplement their Ads strategy by taking advantage of our complimentary bidding logic. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we’ll be able to predict conversion rate and basket value at an item level to bid at the optimal value so the advertiser will be able to participate in untapped auctions and drive incremental sales.


What’s the story and the core business value behind Twenga?

Founded in 2006 in Paris, Twenga was created as a new-generation comparison search engine in France.  We quickly expanded to the rest of Europe, eventually landing in the US, CA and AU in early 2021. We’ve been the first CSS and Tech provider, supplying a complementary biding strategy that expands our client Shopping Ads strategy with no conflict. We work with more than 2000 clients, across 16 countries worldwide. With TradeDoubler, we’re happily working with advertisers such as MediaMarkt, GameStop, Huawei as well as Dyson among many others.

As an example of a happy client: a sneakers brand we’re working with in France has seen how their traffic quality boosted in only 4 weeks after they integrated our pixel integration: We increased the traffic x2.3 while improving their conversion by 2.4pp (from 2.5% to 4.9% and we manage to keep it steady to date). Not only that, we managed to enhance their basket value along the way with a cumulative growth of 12% week over week. Today, we’re working with this brand in another 8 markets they’re operating with our firm commitment to keep improving our performance



Could you explain in more detail what CSS stands for and its benefits?

CSS stands for Google’s “Comparison Shopping Service” partner. This means that one merchant can rely on more than one operator to place their ads on Google Shopping, working with multiple CSSs (including Google) in equal conditions in the auction. The advertiser can use one or multiple CSSs, benefiting from different areas of expertise and pricing models. This way, the advertiser increases their exposure in the channel and potentially their CTR and conversions.  Google considers all the feeds the same, no matter the operator that runs the advertising, so there is no possible conflict or risk of CPC increase.


Do advertisers need anything specific to work with Twenga?

We’re a data-driven company that needs a big amount of data. Ideally, we’d need our clients to allocate some technical resources to our campaign

  1. Optimizing and enriching an available product feed according to Google Merchant Center requirements
  2. In a second stage, allowing Twenga to place its proprietary pixel that makes available additional touching points for quicker learning for our machine learning platform


What are the benefits for advertisers working with Twenga?

We’re the only CSS + Tech provider in the market. We have designed a complementary bidding logic to the auction services from Bing and Google. We’ll focus on the long-tail catalogue, meaning that we’ll be able to display our clients’ products in all participated auctions, tapping into opportunities the clients do not extensively promote and therefore bringing incremental sales.


Why did you join the Tradedoubler network and what features do you enjoy most?

In order to have the highest possible reach and clients onboarded, we decided to expand our partnership to TradeDoubler last year. And we couldn’t be happier. Since then, we’ve generated millions in incremental sales to dozens of clients across all the regions the network is operating in. TradeDoubler is a leading network that supplies us with great account management and technology at the level we need: Complete product feeds, efficient reporting and a high level of understanding with their business team to keep providing the best service to their advertisers.


Where do you think is the affiliate space heading to in 2021 and what are the main market disruptions?

We truly believe in the power of technology and artificial intelligence. There are many companies out there that are implementing this type of approach.  The key is to find the right partner that is able to complement the advertisers’ long-term strategy.  The competition is wild, and it’s even wilder in an auction model as Shopping Ads is. We believe the future is machine learning technology.


Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share?

We’re in a  continuous process of improving our platform and technology.  We´ve just launched our solution to North American and Australian markets and we are focusing on growing those markets to European standards.


Thank you, José, for answering our questions!

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