Motivate your publishers with an Affiliate day!


There are multiple ways to motivate your publishers, one of them is organizing an affiliate day. At this (half) day, you invite your publishers to tell them more about your company. A day like this can be organized in many ways depending on what kind of company/web shop you have.

All advertisers must have a clear goal in mind. Would you like to just meet the publishers for once? Or would you like to have one-to-one meetings too? Would you like to tell more about your web shop, new products or maybe you have a new strategy you want to inform them about?

Once you know, you can better decide which location you will use to have the meeting and how long it will take. If you want one-to-one conversations, you can invite less publishers and you need more time. But if you want to give a presentation about your campaigns and have a drink with the publishers, it is perfectly doable in an afternoon.

If you’re a retail advertiser, it could be fun to have the affiliate day in a store (if it’s big enough) or for example in the distribution centre. This way the publishers will have a good idea of how your products look like in real life and what the look and feel of the store is.

If you’re a travel advertiser, it would be interesting to see if you could go to one of your (holiday) locations. There are holiday park advertisers who have their affiliate days on one or even more of their holiday parks.

If you don’t have these possibilities, you can rent a location. Try to rent an easy accessible location close to where most publishers are located (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht area).

It’s important to make a planning of the day. Plan the time of the presentations and any one-to-one conversations. If you would like to have one-to-one meetings, make sure there is something to do for the waiting publishers. Make sure that there will be time to have a drink (and perhaps bite) after the meeting.

Make a shortlist of the invited guests and don’t invite your top publishers only. Have a chat with your Account Manager which publishers have good potential for your program and invite them as well.

“An affiliate day had been on our planning for a long time. In collaboration with Tradedoubler we chose for one-to-one meetings with the invited publishers. This gave us the opportunity to go in depth and make deals for the coming period. In combination with a lunch, a few activities and a presentation by our Marketing team it became a very successful day for all parties involved.” – Martin de Jong, Online Media Manager NL, Groupe Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs


“As an affiliate you get more feeling with the (travel)organisation and there is more of an emotional motivation and knowledge to promote products of that organisation. However, organising an affiliate trip is not something that every touroperator should do without questions asked. Are affiliates really responsible for a good part of the revenue? Or is the main reason that you want to grow the affiliate marketing channel? Then you (as an affiliate marketer) should really consider organising an affiliate day.” – Laurens Taekema, Parkvakanties

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