Motivate your publisher with… Commissions

It is, of course, common sense that publishers are motivated by commission increases. However, there are multiple ways of setting this up. We don’t want to bore you with the standard CPA/CPL increase, so we’ve left that out.

Commission Ladder

Not every web shop has this, but a commission ladder is a real simple way of motivating your publishers; if they make a specific amount of sales in one month, they receive more commission. Do they convert less then they decrease again.

You can also set this up for a few publishers at a time. Keep in mind that the push on your web shop takes time and energy for the publisher so don’t put the bar too high for a first time. If they do not attain the target set, but gave a lot of exposure, you could always give them a small fixed fee bonus, to keep the relationship healthy.

Bonus Amounts

This brings us to the second point; bonus amounts. You could set up an incentive, where publishers who have grown a specific percentage, receive a fixed bonus. For example: all publishers who grow 50% in one month, receive 50EUR and all publishers who grow 100%, receive 100EUR. It would be best to set this up with a few specific publishers, instead of on the entire program.

If your KPI is more on finding new publishers and making them convert, then you could reward all new publishers who have attained their target in the first month.

Hybrid Model

The publisher receives a standard CPA model and a CPC fee. This way publishers can send more traffic to your site. They are less focussed on the actual converting of the sales and more on generating traffic. Be clear with the publishers how they are generating this traffic, in order to keep the quality on a good level. Use Google Analytics to check the quality and discuss this with the publishers, so they can make the necessary changes.

There are multiple possibilities. Discuss with one of our colleagues if you want to set something up. Don’t decide on the targets and amount of the bonusses by yourself: for you this might be a good amount, but perhaps not interesting enough for the publisher.

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