Mother’s day is coming!

On May 13th, it is again the day to spoil all mothers of The Netherlands and Belgium. Each year we see good results in the two weeks before Mother’s Day. We have made a list of programs that fit well in the Mother’s Day theme. Start with the promotion of these programs and profit of the Mother’s Day traffic! Are you not an affiliate on one of these programs yet? Then click on the program ID for NL or BE, you’ll be sent to the page where you can request to be accepted.

For all Mother’s Day promotions of the advertisers; keep checking and





Euroflorist NL (239131) & BE (239139) and Topbloemen NL (208875)

Flowers are of course the classic Mother’s Day gift. Great thing is that many have same day delivery!

Bonprix NL (22449) & BE (24879) and Madeleine Fashion NL (207778) or Peter Hahn BE (241105)

All women love to receive a new scarf, blouse, jewellery or something new for the house.

Philips NL (135604) & BENL (151224) & BEFR (151225)

High quality products for personal healthcare or household products amongst others. Philips regularly has good promotions and voucher codes.

Yves Rocher NL (18439) & BE (60914) and l’Occitane NL (235516) & BE (235511)

Lovely beauty products for all skin types, or spoil mama with a gift set.

Mars Chocolate France BE (79900)

Every mother loves her kids and chocolate, so why not combine the two? With My M&M’s you can print photos on M&M’s!





Bongo NL (79386)

At Bongo mama can choose her own experience from a big range of options. For example a Spa day, fine dining or even a skydive! (253151)

Let mother take a day to relax and have some me-time, this can only benefit the family.

Duinrell NL (168963)

Spend time in one of the best theme parks of The Netherlands! You can get day tickets for the Duinrell park, or book a weekend or mid-week in the holiday park.




Suncamp NL (117551) & BE (117554) and Selectcamp BE (274126)

No summer holiday plans yet? Check out Suncamp or Selectcamp and give Mum an amazing summer holiday on one of their campsites in Italy, France or Spain for example. Need a bit more luxury? Then book a Glamping tent!

Traveltroef NL (232432) & BE (257236)

Book an adventurous city trip or a fun car holiday, there is something for everyone with suitcases full of promotions!

Heerlijkehuisjes NL (282239) and Landal BE (18792) or Roompot BE (277548)

What’s more fun than to spend a weekend or week with the entire family? There are many different options in destinations, length of stay and type of accommodation! Do you have a large family? There are many options in big holiday homes.

Direct Ferries NL (286116)

Book a mini-cruise to Scandinavia or to the south of Europe for example. Direct Ferries often has promotions, so have a look on their deal page!

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