Meet the Team: Kristoffer Klockare


An eventful everyday life is something he more than appreciates. Let us introduce Kristoffer Klockare, Regional Director Nordics at Tradedoubler. With a penchant for performance-based marketing, he takes the company to the next level.

Kristoffer Klockare describes himself as slightly senior, he has been active in digital marketing since the early 2000s. In 2011, Kristoffer earned the title as Country Manager at Tradedoubler Sweden. Today we see him in the role of Regional Director for Tradedoubler Nordics where he runs his team, as well as new customers and publishers.


“Being a boss would not be fun if you were not allowed to be hands-on. You have to be out in the market to see the changes that are cutting”, says Kristoffer.


The charm of it all

The journey in digital marketing began on the comparison site Pricerunner. Via the company, who at the time was a publicist, Kristoffer encountered Tradedoubler. After some time, he was offered a managerial position at the company. With a long career in sales and one great interest in performance-based marketing, Kristoffer considered his new role as an opportunity to develop further. A well-established company like Tradedoubler was a positive challenge.

In the office, no two days are alike, which seems to be the charm of it all. According to Kristoffer, the variety is among the best at Tradedoubler. His working day consists of meetings with new people and customers, the follow-up of existing customers as well as conversations with the management and product development. In his role as Regional Director, he enjoys participating actively in daily operations.


“You cannot just sit at your desk and control”, he says jokingly.


Something Kristoffer has stuck to is the combination of traditional relationship building and sales available at the company, and in the industry. Of course, technology plays a very important role, but to drive traffic and sales also requires a good relationship and dialogue with customers, partners as well as publishers.


A changing time

Digital marketing is an industry where something new is constantly happening. From one year to another, there is always something even more interesting than before. But in such a changing time, you need to be able to quickly adapt to keep up. Customers often ask the question of how the future looks for performance-based marketing. A question Tradedoubler in the Nordics focuses a lot on. Through product development, you try to find new ways to drive traffic. Right now, Tradedoubler is working on a new product that will make it easier for customers to publish native posts.


“Technically, there will always be some small changes and you will be able to offer other kinds of products, but our service for our large customers will never be able to be fully automated. So, there I think the future lies: in finding new traffic sources for our customers”


Found his place

Kristoffer feels at home in his role as Regional Director. The goal, however, has never been to climb the career ladder, start your own company or the like. His drive and inspiration come from working in the industry Kristoffer likes so much. He describes his career as one educational journey and given that the changing industry of digital marketing is daring enough, the journey is far from over.

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