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Being an influencer can be a lucrative profession. But how do you get there? Before we dive in deeply, keep in mind that becoming a social media influencer is not as easy as it might seem from a distance. It involves months of hard work and consistency, so you must be willing to commit.

The good news is that we are here to help you master your influencer career through our product platform Metapic. Our international team of experts answer burning questions on how to increase your engagement with your following, boost your performance to the next level and more!



What are the benefits for influencers joining Metapic?

Julia: Metapic is a cohesive platform where all your needs are stored in one place: tools for content creation, your partners and potential opportunities, your finances and more.

First of all, on our platform, you can access different stores and start a cooperation, without the need of having to make multiple contracts with every single shop you want to work with.

Second of all, our tool provides a deep linking generator enabling our influencers to easily copy and paste the link from the store and the exact product as well as the tracking link. In our collage tool influencers can create so-called “Get the look” content and include the tracking link.

Additionally, we offer a WordPress plugin helping you to connect your blog with Metapic, minimizing your efforts for the easiest content creation and publication possible.


What tools and capabilities can influencers use with Metapic?

 Monika:  Metapic offers a variety of tools to use:

  • Deep linking generator: Create a natural recommendation based on your own preferences or taste.
  • Run and monitor campaigns: Keep track of the progress of your campaigns.
  • Access to statistics and earnings: Helping you figure out which products work the best for your community.
  • Collage Creator Tool: Create a collage, which can be placed with a built-in Metapic link on social media.


What are the trends in influencer marketing adoption?

Luca: The demand for authenticity

Creators no longer need an expensive camera, photoshop skills, and a passport to produce quality content. There is just as much appetite—if not more—for real and raw stuff that anyone with a smartphone can make.

Isabelle: The strong need for value-based collaborations

More than ever, influencers are entering into collaborations with brands that have similar values to their own. Particularly values such as diversity and sustainability play an important role among them.

Julia: The rise of video consumption

If the success of TikTok is not enough of an indication of the popularity of short video, the fact that Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Byte and Quibi are betting on the format should be. Influencers have found a way to use social video to great effect. Whether starting hashtag challenges on TikTok or offering makeup tutorials on IGTV, the format gives creators a more dynamic way to engage with followers.

We can see that YouTube is no longer just for a younger audience, but several influencers have a 30+ audience that is looking at their YouTube content. IGTV is growing rapidly and especially amongst beauty influencers. In overall video material content as IGTV, YouTube and Instagram Stories generate more genuine and credible content.

Johanna: The rise of Video Shopping

More brands are doing influencer collaborations via Live Video Shopping today, then influencers act as Live Hosts at the brands’ website during a specific time. This is an effective way for both influencers and brand to take advantage of each other’s platforms.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a professional influencer?

Isabelle: Find your passion

That could be fashion, food, vintage, or good deals. Keep that passion in mind and let it spark when you interact with your community starting from meaningful captions to light-hearted chats on IG Live.

Luca: Consistency is key

Set up a content schedule and stick with it. Your audience will get used to your schedule and expect you to deliver content accordingly, which enables you to create a deep and meaningful relationship with your following.

Julia: Quality is a game-changer

Focus on the quality of your content to create your unique reposition and brand. Enhancing the value you offer your audience will work as a game-changer for your own career. Chances are at Metapic, that your partners then will be more likely to send you some products to use or set up a fixed fee. And that is where your cooperation starts to develop into a much deeper, supportive, and long-term relationship, allowing you to plan with a certain budget every month.


How can influencers increase their engagement rate?

Johanna: For one, aim for collaborations with brands that have a large social media account. By tagging them in your stories/photos, you will increase your awareness and eventually increase your follower base.

Second, try to create inspirational and interactive content, that stands out from your competition. You do not have to do it all yourself, you can get help from other creatives such as video editors or photographers.

The last and probably most important point is to keep publishing content continuously to increase the engagement rate and to stay relevant.


Do you have any best practices to share?

Isabelle: Be familiar with basic picture editing. I can recommend the app “feed preview”, to see how your content would look on your Instagram feed, to keep consistency with the style of your posts.

Johanna: It is always good to find your own niche (beauty, fashion, food, family etc.) and go all in. Remember to publish content continuously (several times a week) and think 360 (in several channels at the same time).

Luca: Communicating with your audience is key. By using polls or doing Q&A’s on your stories, you will be more likely to understand the needs of your follower base and what they expect from you.


What are the requirements to join Metapic?

Monika: The basic requirement to join Metapic is to have an Instagram account with more than 10k followers. Your social media presence should be predicted by quality followers that are inspired by your eye-catching content. We are looking for people with interesting and distinctive content, influencers that are committed to their audience.

Other than that, Metapic is a free to use platform with no fees.


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