What you need to know about Grow, the smart affiliate network for small businesses


The official launch of Grow, Tradedoubler’s platform exclusively designed for start-ups and accelerators, has been welcomed across markets with a great amount of interest and we are very excited about this opportunity.


Having tested Grow with over 200 small businesses from verticals such as fashion, electronics, retail, finance, we have validated the value this platform brings to entrepreneurs looking to rapidly generate sales and get closer to achieving their objectives.


Affiliate marketing is a microcosm of marketing channels and methods, from search, to social, to price comparison, email, content, remarketing, and anything that goes in between, all refined to deliver meaningful results for any given business. With a cost-per-sale business model, affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective and risk-free marketing channel. Marketers pay a commission to their affiliate partners after they have already generated income for their business.


In conditions of limited budget and resources, small businesses are the ones who could benefit the most from a wide range of online partners rewarded on a performance model. That is why the core principle of Grow is to adapt Tradedoubler’s technology and experience in affiliate marketing to the needs of small businesses: simplicity, flexibility, automation.


Program creation in 3 simple steps

Grow provides a platform where small businesses can set up their affiliate program in 3 simple steps:

1. Fill in your website details and define the commission you are willing to pay to your affiliates.

2.  Describe your business and affiliate program offering so that your affiliates can better understand your brand and their marketing opportunity.

3. Add and validate the tracking code on your website and start Growing.


Here are the top 3 reasons our clients love Grow:

1.  It is free to join and it is free to try for 30 days. This gives you the time to strategize how to launch an attractive program that online partners will want to prioritise and promote.

2. No technical or coding skills required. Grow offers plug-and-play tracking integration for the leading e-commerce platforms such as Woocomerce, Prestashop, and Shopify.

3. Grow handles the commission payment to all affiliates and streamlines all financial processes. You only get one invoice per month.


We take care of all admin tasks so you can focus on what’s important for you: initiate partnerships with affiliates from our vast network and begin generating sales.

Find our more about Grow features, pricing, and sign-up process on the official page.

We look forward to watching you Grow!

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