Get ready for the Holiday Season now!

While Single’s Day, Black Friday and Cyber Week are waiting around the corner, it’s worth taking a look at the Holiday Season already. The Holiday Shopping season in 2018 was again very successful for Tradedoubler! Order value between December 1 and 23, 2018 was up by 26% YOY across Europe. According to this trend, we expect even higher sales in 2019!

Comparison 17 to 18

During the month of December 2018 across EMEA Sunday to Tuesday were the strongest and Saturdays the weakest days of the week for online shopping. So focus your activities on the right times! Highest order value was generated on the last Monday leading up to Christmas.

Strongest countries in Holiday Shopping 2018 were Poland, the UK and France followed by Sweden and Germany. Poland in particular, with an order value growth of +113%, had a significant impact on the development curve (HS 2018) above.

Interestingly, among the top countries, Sweden and the UK contradicted this trend. Their highest peak was noted one week earlier.

Order value country comparison18

Power shoppers came from Poland!

As previously noted, order value in 2018 was up by 26% YOY across EMEA. Nearly every country increased their order value in comparison to 2017. Especially the amazing performance of Poland and Belgium needs to be emphasized.

Change order value 2018

Best Performing Industry

Taking a look at the best performing industries, the highest order values were reached by Shopping & Retail, Computer & Electronics and Travel – followed by Fashion, Media & Entertainment and Home & Garden. While the order value of the Fashion industry has slightly declined, we saw a fantastic growth in Home & Garden (+52,40%) – with Germany becoming by far the most important market for this industry (around 42% of Home & Garden OV resulted in Germany).

Best industry 2018 holiday

Key Industry Facts for the Holiday Shopping Season 2018

Shopping & Retail at a glance:

2018 retail key facts

Across Europe we saw a stable growth in the Shopping & Retail industry during Holiday Season 2018. Number of Sales increased by 108% YOY and order value by 33%. The AOV in Shopping & Retail declined from 75 EUR in Holiday Shopping 2017 to 48 EUR in 2018 across Europe – fairly close to the AOV across all industries (54 EUR). Smartphone AOV however remained relatively stable at 62 EUR in Shopping & Retail, compared to 57 EUR across all industries.

Computer & Electronics at a glance:

2018 facts electronics

The second best performing industry also showed a very good performance. The number of sales increased by 13% YOY. Mobile sales took a high 23% share of the number of sales, while mobile sales across all industries was noted at a low 2% during this timeframe. AOV decreased to 134 EUR, while the value across all industries was at a much lower level of 54 EUR. Outstanding countries in Electronics were Italy (215 EUR compared to 68 EUR across all industries),  the Netherlands (196 EUR vs. 79 EUR) and Poland (156 EUR vs. 55 EUR). Smartphone AOV decreased to 118 EUR in Electronics, still remaining higher than the Smartphone AOV across all industries with 57 EUR.

The biggest player in Holiday Season 2018 in the Computer & Electronics industry was Poland with an increase in OV of outstanding 85% YOY!

Travel at a glance:

2018travel key facts

While the Travel AOV in 2018 decreased to 73 EUR, it still remained around 19 EUR above the AOV value across all industries. Nevertheless Smartphone AOV in Travel increased by another 15% YOY. and reached an average of incredible 205 Euros during December 2018, while across all industries it was only at 57 Euros. Very interesting observation is, that mobile sales was still very low though in travel with a value of 4%.

Time to start planning your holiday shopping promo – time is flying!
We wish you a very successful holiday shopping season!

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