The importance of using First Party Cookies for affiliate marketing activities

Third Party cookies are a very common part of the online advertising ecosystem,  however there are increasingly problems associated with them.

With a more privacy-oriented user behaviour and an increased number of technologies that are jeopardizing the utilization of Third Party Cookies, such as ad blockers, private browsing or ITP 2.0 on Safari, the need to provide a reliable and future proof tracking solution for our clients is our top priority at Tradedoubler.

Using our First Party Cookie Validation, that relies on the storage of a Tradedoubler Unique Identifier (TDUID) on the client domain level, all advertisers and the connected publishers will be able to see an immediate growth of their tracked conversions, thanks to the increased reliability of the tracking setup.

Why is this especially important today?

In Q4 2018, Apple is planning the release of Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 (ITP) across its Safari browser, which will affect both mobile and desktop devices (iOS 12 and macOS Mojave). This change is targeted at technologies that rely on Third Party tracking and profiling, blocking by default all Third Party cookies that are used for marketing activities.

With 14% of conversions finalized in Safari (Mobile + Desktop) and rising, the need to have a stable solution in place is more pressing than ever, and that’s why we’re contacting all our existing partners to plan a swift migration to our First Party tracking solution. At the same time, when onboarding new clients, we’re pushing our First Party solution as a standard setup.

Who’s already using this solution within Tradedoubler’s Network?

Several clients on an international level are already taking advantage of our validation, such as IKEA and many others.

First Party Cookie validation, alongside our Cross-Device Tracking, Cookieless Tracking and Exclusive Voucher Tracking solutions, provides our advertisers with a highly detailed overview of their affiliate activity on Tradedoubler’s network.

The same tracking technologies are used within our white-label partner management platform, TD Connect, where our clients can plug as many channels as they need, with Cross-Channel Deduplication available by default and an extended tracking reliability thanks to all the solutions mentioned above, giving to our clients a way to clearly understand the impact of their brand within the entire digital landscape.

The Author:

Riccardo Favara is leading the technical department within Tradedoubler UK as Technical Client Director since 2015 and is a member of UK management. Alongside the rest of the team, Riccardo oversees the pre-sale technical consultancy, the onboarding process (technical implementation) while providing first line technical support to our entire portfolio of UK clients.

As a digital marketing specialist, with a wide knowledge of the digital landscape and an in-depth experience in the affiliate channel, his area of expertise lies within tracking, with an extensive involvement in custom integrations, connecting new technology partners to advertisers and help them grow their business from a technical perspective, working side by side with all business units.

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