Open Insight – Customisable reporting to meet specific requirements

Our two decades of experience in helping a very diverse range of clients monitor and analyse their digital marketing performance has demonstrated that a “one size fits all” approach sometimes falls short in delivering the ideal solution.  With this in mind, in recent years, we have dedicated a lot of resources to introducing and refining tools that can meet our clients’ individual reporting and analysis requirements.

Clients can have access to the “Open Insight” tool within our Business Intelligence interface.  Users of “Open Insight” can drag-and-drop core performance metrics onto a canvas to quickly build visualizations and reports helping them to easily identify trends, patterns and anomalies based on vast amounts of data.

Here are some examples of what can be produced in just a few minutes!

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Reports (yes tables can be created too) and visualizations  can be shared with colleagues within the interface or can be downloaded in a variety of formats.  The underlying data is refreshed every day and so users can keep track of performance with reporting specifically tailored to their business objectives or ad hoc requirements.

“Open Insight” reporting provides a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Explore your data and drill-down into specific areas of interest (outliers, strong performance and causes for concern). Perhaps our pre-built BI dashboards don’t answer specific questions or highlight issues that need to be honed in on.  If so, Open Insight is on-hand to fill in the gaps.
  • Use filtering to focus on a subset of the data such as one Publisher or selected types of conversion. Including and excluding items couldn’t be easier.
  • Enrich the data that we provide as standard by adding user-defined calculations and custom grouping. Both of these can then be used exactly like any built-in column or metric when creating reports.
  • Position multiple visualizations together in an interactive dashboard to help review performance from several related perspectives or at varying levels of detail in one single view.

In summary “Open Insight” is an extremely powerful and flexible tool with which to report on and analyze data in countless different ways to best fulfil user-specific requirements.  In addition, “Open Insight” is based on continuously improving technology with new features and enhanced functionality being made available every quarter.

If you want to get access to Open Insight and benefit from these powerful features, please get in touch with your Account Manager or a member of the Tradedoubler team.

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