Affiliate Marketing Trends 2018

  Also in 2018, there will be some important trends that will keep us busy. Multi-attribution will for sure become more important. Advertisers want to partner with a higher number of content publishers, who usually don’t receive compensation due to the user journey and last-click logic. Influencer marketing is growing up and advertisers will pay more attention to the performance of influencer campaigns. This is where classical affiliate marketing comes into play with the rise of sophisticated compensation models for publishers who tend to play in the front-end of the user journey and, of course, cross-device and cookie-less tracking.

AI is also a hot topic. Through Alexa, Google Home, etc., the end user interacts quite differently with advertisers. It will certainly be exciting to see how publishers will find new ways to target end customers and which new models will evolve.

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO Tradedoubler

  Content publishers will become even more important in the affiliate landscape. The demand for relevant content publishers by advertisers will grow. As a network, providing the insights about the role of each publisher in the user journey is key.

Reinout van der Lende, Sales Manager Benelux

More and more organisations understand the complexity of online marketing and want to have insights in the importance of each online channel. Currently consumers are inspired through multiple channels. The possibility to map the online customer journeys will be more important in taking the right decisions.

Tradedoubler can map these multiple touchpoints with our TD Connect and TD Adapt solutions. Online marketers can use cross-channel tracking and get insights in the performance of all channels: affiliate, search, display, etc.


Boris Glusica, Senior Technology Account Manager

  2018 offers chances to combine affiliate marketing and influencer marketing into one channel. In the publisher world I suspect a trend in combining these two channels. Because of tools like Metapic influencers can easily integrate advertisers on their websites on an affiliate basis.

Furthermore, advertisers are more aware that branding and affiliate are closer than ever. Partly because of the technique from Metapic & Tradedoubler we will see a shift in this in 2018

Sandra Vogel, Publisher Manager Nederland

  If we’re looking at voucher code and cashback websites, we see that a growing number of these are already moving more and more towards content related websites.

Voucher codes and cashback websites are focussing more often on content related promotions, because they notice that advertisers are increasingly looking for that. It’s important that the quality of the traffic towards advertisers increases and only a code or cashback isn’t enough. In 2018, parties like these must look for other ways to make sure their website continues generating high quality traffic.


Jerrol Suitela, Publisher Manager België

  Also in 2018, there will be some important trends that will keep us busy. In the travel branch I am expecting an increase in the number of mobile bookings compared to desktop bookings. The increase in recent years continues, where cross device tracking is going to play an important role.

Advertisers see the value of collaborations with content publishers, who push quality traffic at the start of the funnel. Tradedoubler’s business intelligence reporting tool Adapt allows advertisers to see the user journey and make better decisions based on these reports.

Rudolph Dekker, Client Development Manager

  Like other colleagues I anticipate a bigger need for collaborations with content publishers in the affiliate channel. Because of this advertisers will more often work with other remuneration models than the classic CPA. I already see more advertisers that are favourable towards CPC, fixed fee deals and barter deals than at the start of 2017.

Publishers will also change in this; voucher- and cashback sites will work more with content by, for example, adding a blog to their website. The pure blogsites will need to get used to the fact that they will get paid more often on a hybrid model (CPA + fixed fee) and not only purely on fixed fee (and they should also see the positives from a hybrid model).

Charlotte Vermeer, Client Development Manager


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