Advertiser Spotlight: Vistaprint


Can you please introduce yourself briefly and tell us something about your job at Vistaprint?

I am Ignacio Peinado and I have been at Vistaprint since March 2020. I only managed to go to the office on week before the pandemic started so I can say I joined Vistaprint working remotely. As many people might have done this year, doing this can be challenging but as well so rewarding. As part of the digital marketing team, it has been very interesting to see how small businesses have responded to this very challenging year.


Could you please introduce Vistaprint to us? 

Vistaprint is the marketing partner to millions of small businesses around the world, empowering each one to live their dreams. For more than 20 years, we have helped small businesses look and feel credible through high-quality marketing products and solutions that include signage, logo apparel, promotional products, face masks, flyers, postcards, business cards, websites and digital marketing.


What is unique about Vistaprint?

What makes Vistaprint unique is two things: Firstly, the people behind the company. The excellence I have seen in every team from our designers, our production and our customer success team is outstanding. Secondly, our technology that enables high quality and fast mass customization of products. People and technology make it possible to deliver the value to our customers that Vistaprint does.


Were there any particular successes or challenges for Vistaprint in the last few months and how did you deal with them?

First of all, the last year heavily impacted our daily lives and our core customers, e.g. small business owners in main streets, have been hit especially hard due to the pandemic lockdown situation. We are impressed by how creative and agile our customers have reacted, for instance by switching to click & collect services to keep the business running. We have taken a similar agile approach and build up a mask business basically from scratch, applying our technological and process strength to deliver customizable masks to our customers. I guess this is the unifying theme of the last 12 months, staying flexible and adapting fast to change.


Are there any exciting projects or changes coming up soon that you can tell us about?

We will keep innovating on behalf of our customers and have incredibly exciting times ahead!

The acquisition of 99designs back in October will complement the design services Vistaprint currently offers, helping to build a full suite of design services that are right for a broad range of customers. Their expertise in the Design It For You area will greatly increase the speed with which Vistaprint can become world-class at graphic design services.

Alongside this, we are making major investments in data & analytics, customer experience improvements, technology, talent and brand.


What trends do you currently see in your business or in online marketing?

There is a big trend in personalized automated solutions for customer acquisition and retention. The digital space is very well known by consumers so in order to become a partner, you need to offer not only a great product but a full experience that serves customers across the whole life cycle.


Why did you start working with Tradedoubler and what do you like best?

By the time I joined Vistaprint, Tradedoubler was already the Network of choice. As I come from the Affiliate Network space, I had not had the chance to really know Tradedoubler’s international team or really work with them. I am very happy with their support, their account management, and their solutions. They constantly support the growth of our affiliate EU Programs by partner recruiting, optimization and monitoring of campaigns.


Thank you, Ignacio, for the interview!

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