Successful social media campaign during the summer sales

Do you already run your social media activities successfully in-house? So no influencer network is needed for you? We explain why you should still work with metapic, especially in view of the upcoming summer sales campaigns and their transparent management tool.

Why you should still work with metapic

metapic is not only an influencer network that works as an affiliate network for influencers. They also focus on user-generated content. Especially to efficiently run your planned summer social media campaign. While you might think that sales are decreasing due to vacation trips and well deserved time outs, it is in fact the opposite. The best time to recommend resorts, last minute flights, a favorite bikini, summer shoes and hacks to survive the heatwave. Metapic Influencers are excited to share their favorite products and promote them easily through your summer sale campaign.

How metapic can help you with your summer sales

Within influencer marketing, it is very important to communicate transparently to be able to achieve the desired marketing goals. This usually requires a lot of budget, which mostly indicates a large risk factor, since the outcome of the campaign is unknown.

This is exactly where metapic offers the solution: we have the necessary resources and technologies to test which result can be achieved by the planned campaign. As you get access to our transparent interface you can not only track its outcome but specifically follow the Influencer and the content that is posted. You can follow every little step from the promotion to the actual content creation, which allows you to evaluate its success in between. We help you to pivot in certain directions if necessary and assist in finding the perfect match.  All to reach your desired marketing goal.


The influencer campaigns are tested with nano and micro influencers to learn which content works best with the target group. These learnings are then reflected in the large influencers and can be automated.

Benefits of the metapic tool

· Campaign testing across a wide variety of niches and social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc.

· Lower budget necessary due to performance payout

· Work with large influencers without risk

· Little effort due to automated learning processes

· No extra effort as overlaps are prevented

· No internal intervention as black and whitelisting is possible

Start now your social media campaign for summer sales with user-generated content from metapic! Our metapic experts look forward to increasing your sales >>

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