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Tradedoubler’s Cookieless Tracking solution future-proofs online marketing

London, 11 September, 2015: To combat the increase in cookie blocking by browsers and devices, Tradedoubler has today announced the launch of its Cookieless Tracking technology solution. The new solution complements its best in class tracking technology stack by increasing the accuracy of tracking digital marketing activities, resulting in higher return on investment of advertising budgets.

Mobile traffic and sales are increasing; according to research by Tradedoubler, 50 per cent of consumers use their smartphone or tablet for shopping activity every week.  As a result, the impact of devices and platforms, such as Apple iOS, blocking cookies is increasingly resulting in untracked sales, unaccountable ad-spend and lost revenues.

Tradedoubler’s Cookieless Tracking solution allows customers’ online journeys to be tracked, even when a cookie is not present, by creating a device fingerprint.

This technology makes it possible for marketers to more accurately measure the success of their marketing campaigns and ensures publishers are rewarded for all of the sales they have generated.

Jeff Johnston, Vice President of Product Management, Tradedoubler said: “Cookieless Tracking has been designed with the future in mind. Our tracking solution is the most accurate in the industry, tracking all activity on any device connected to the internet. This development in tracking accuracy offers marketers the assurance their advertising budgets are fully accounted for and revenues are maximised, while ensuring publishers are paid correctly.”

Cookieless Tracking technology has been rolled out automatically — no implementation is required for publishers and only a small change is necessary by advertisers. It has received TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Data Collection certification and is compliant with all European privacy legislation, as well as offering full insight across all device types, now and in the future.


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