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Tradedoubler & arvato: a global performance marketing solution for Microsoft Store

As a leading full-service e-commerce and retail logistics provider, arvato SCM Solutions has worked in the Consumer Products segment with renowned fashion and beauty brands for over 15 years. arvato’s services span retail logistics and the complete e-commerce value chain: Implementation and operation of online shops, digital imaging, online marketing, logistics, financial services, customer service, and e-commerce consulting. arvato is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

For Microsoft Store, arvato needed a partner to support its performance marketing activities that offered additional services, including a global tracking and payments solution. arvato and Tradedoubler have been working together since 2007 and their partnership now spans across 90 countries around the world.

The objective of the partnership between arvato and Tradedoubler was to deliver a single flexible and reliable tracking tool for affiliate programmes, a white labelled interface for direct partnerships and other online marketing activities, as well as a fully integrated sales attribution solution for the Microsoft Store.

The solution developed by Tradedoubler needed to increase both traffic and sales. It included the optimisation of all available publisher models, and active recruitment of new partners. The account is managed by our international team who have the expertise required to optimise performance
marketing activities across all markets. This included implementing a Global Payments solution that enables payments to be made in multiple currencies across the 90 countries where the programme is active.

Tradedoubler provides arvato with a tailored solution for the management and tracking of all Microsoft Store online marketing activities. A single interface provides a complete overview of 150 performance marketing activities: including 53 private network programmes, 53 public programmes and 44 individual campaigns across 90 countries. This is facilitated through Tradedoubler’s Global Payments technology, which enables publishers in different markets to be paid in their local or preferred currency. The Global Payments solution supports all currencies and languages in Europe, USA, South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific, including Japan, China and India.

To optimise activities seamlessly across all markets and programmes, arvato’s main point of contact is a dedicated International Account Coordinator who ensures that all activity is coordinated between arvato and the Tradedoubler account managers involved in the public affiliate programmes and
technology management.

In addition, a dedicated recruitment and publisher optimisation process has been established, making use of Tradedoubler’s publisher network relationships, as well as the openness to embrace new publisher models and opportunities by arvato and Microsoft. This combination of professional affiliate management by arvato, supported by the experienced Tradedoubler teams, has led to a growth in active publishers across all publisher verticals. A broad publisher portfolio comprising of cashback partners, voucher sites, price comparison portals, content sites, closed groups for retargeting and keyword advertising partners (with customised commission models) ensures optimal leveraging of traffic across the entire customer journey.

The use of Tradedoubler’s single tracking technology across all activities guarantees automated deduplication and sales attribution between ffiliate activities in the private network, public Td network and other networks. This provides a holistic overview of all performance marketing activities. Tradedoubler has built tailored solutions, including Chinese and Japanese publisher interfaces, to ensure that arvato has all the necessary tools and infrastructure to extend the Microsoft Store success across the globe.

  • Affiliates of the Tradedoubler network generated a 68% increase in Microsoft Store order value compared to 2013
  • Average number of sales generated by Microsoft Store publishers increased by 69% compared to 2013

Alexander Bock, Vice President Global Online Marketing, arvato SCM Solutions:
“We’ve been working with Tradedoubler on the Microsoft Store programme for the last seven years. Advances in technology and a close collaboration between our teams has led to gains across all of our performance marketing activities for the Microsoft Store. Since partnering with Tradedoubler we have expanded the Microsoft Store programme across 90 markets globally and expect to grow this further in the coming years.”

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