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Voucher code tracking

Track voucher code usage online and offline

Unauthorised voucher code usage, where advertisers must pay non-approved publishers who steal exclusive codes, is a significant threat to the voucher code business model. Using Voucher Code Tracking advertisers stay in control of how and where their voucher codes are used, allowing the advertiser to distribute exclusive offers across online and offline channels.

Our voucher code tracking supports the validation of exclusive codes at the point of use. Tradedoubler’s exclusive voucher codes can be distributed offline (via print, radio, TV or SMS, for example) and then redeemed and tracked online without the need to connect the sale to a click.


  • Distribute exclusive voucher codes to selected publishers
  • Validation of the voucher code at the point of sale
  • Track individual voucher code usage


  • Increased exposure generated because authorised publishers are incentivised to promote exclusives more prominently
  • Removal of unauthorised commissions, ensuring budgets are directed as planned
  • Voucher performance tracking allows advertisers to see how codes are performing