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Mobile tracking

Track users on mobile devices across mobile web and apps

The proliferation of cookie blocking, and the barrier between the mobile web and apps, requires specialist tracking technologies to ensure all activities that occur on mobile devices are tracked throughout the online user journey.

Our industry-leading tracking technology supports tracking on mobile websites. When app tracking is required, the Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for Android and Apple iOS and tracks all in-app and app download activities (leads, sales and in-app actions), even when the user is offline. The SDK allows advertisers to promote in-app actions by driving traffic to transactional apps, or to direct users to download apps, using a smart redirect.


  • Industry-leading tracking for mobile web and app activities
  • Smart redirect provides the best user experience based on rules defined by the advertiser
  • In-app offline tracking means you never miss a transaction


  • All activities are tracked, even when the user moves between mobile environments
  • Provides users with a streamlined experience by directing them to mobile web, installed app or app store
  • Activities tracked even when no data connection is available