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Cross Device Tracking

Tradedoubler’s market leading European cross-device tracking solution

Consumer purchase journeys involve multiple devices. On average, two out of five purchases that finish on either a mobile, desktop/laptop, or tablet, start on a different device. Without an understanding of your customers’ multidevice path to purchase, your strategic marketing decisions will be based on an incomplete picture of how your customers behave.

Using deterministic matching, Tradedoubler’s Cross Device Tracking allows marketers to track all online sales and understand which type of device closed each sale. The enhanced tracking platform provides marketers with a full and accurate understanding of how their digital marketing budget is performing, and publishers are accurately rewarded for the sales they generate. Tradedoubler’s extensive network means it is one of few companies able to harness and scale deterministic matching.

Identifying the devices that sales convert on helps advertisers to close the loop and accurately track consumer behaviour.

If you want a full view of your digital marketing activities you can use TD CONNECT, Tradedoubler’s global partner management platform, to accurately track all channels. Each touchpoint tracked can be visualised within TD ADAPT, our business intelligence tool, to provide marketers with the actionable insights they need to optimise investment across their online marketing mix.


  • Deterministic matching accurately tracks multidevice purchases by creating an anonymous connection between users and their digital devices. All data is anonymised, so no personally identifiable information is collected
  • Assign sales to the correct channel, publisher and device
  • Measure the number of sales that involve multiple devices and detect the device that closed each sale
  • Track users between online environments on multiple devices: desktop web, mobile web and apps
  • Easy implementation for both publishers and advertisers


  • Never miss a sale and comply with EU privacy rules
  • Accurate understanding of how your digital marketing budget is performing across devices and channels
  • Understand consumers’ purchase behaviour across digital devices
  • Programmes that track effectively between web environments attract the best publishers
  • Quickly start to realise the benefits of Cross Device Tracking