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Cookieless tracking

Tracking customers’ online journeys without cookies

Accurate tracking of digital marketing activities helps marketers succeed. Incomplete tracking caused by browsers and devices blocking cookies is leading to growing amounts of untracked traffic and activities. This has a negative effect on publisher revenues and on the ability of marketers to understand the online behaviour of their customers.

Our Cookieless Tracking solution complements our existing market-leading tracking technologies and ensures that all online journeys are accurately tracked, even when a cookie is not present. For our customers this ensures that we are able to provide a complete picture of all online journeys leading up to a sale. Our tracking solution is complete, accurate and reliable — ensuring the best results for our clients.

This technology allows any device connected to the internet to be tracked without the use of cookies by assigning it a unique device fingerprint, using data about the device without any personally identifiable information.


  • Accurate tracking across all internet connected devices, without the use of cookies
  • Device fingerprint created without using personally identifiable information
  • Automatically active across our publisher network
  • Easy implementation for advertisers


  • Future proofed tracking that is not reliant on cookies
  • Track across all internet-connected devices
  • EU E-Privacy Directive compliant
  • No implementation required by publishers