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Container tag

Save development time by implementing a single piece of JavaScript code

Our Container Tag solution allows advertisers to manage tags on their websites with a single piece of code. The one time integration removes the need to implement multiple scripts and pixels for current and future marketing activities. Page load times are decreased through efficient content loading and script management.

Container Tags can be used to help onboard new publisher technology without the need for technical support or lengthy integration. Using Container Tag, advertisers gain the flexibility to work with multiple online marketing partners and initiate new marketing campaigns without delay. It also provides flexibility of remuneration models, such as CPM, CPC, CPO or hybrid.

Container Tags can also be used for retargeting, for social media button scripts and web analytic tools, such as Google Analytics.


  • One-time code implementation
  • Can be used on the confirmation page or across all site pages
  • Script management to ensure efficient page loads


  • No technical resource required for new integrations
  • No delay rolling out new marketing campaigns
  • Faster page load times