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Call tracking

Drive traffic and sales via calls to your existing call centre

Call intelligence software, that manages and tracks online and offline marketing activities, is an effective way to drive sales and utilise existing call centre resources. This pay-per-call technology and service uses online and offline marketing channels to drive traffic and sales, via phone calls to existing call centre operations.

Publishers can earn commission on calls they drive, in addition to sales and leads. Publishers can utilise the tool in two ways: a unique number can be allocated to the publisher, when the customer calls this number they are redirected to the relevant advertiser’s call centre. Alternatively, the customer can enter their phone number on the publisher’s website and this initiates a call to their phone which then connects to the advertiser’s call centre. The customer is not charged by their phone provider for this call.

Call Tracking is a useful tool for selling high value purchases or financial products, such as insurance and banking services.


  • Assign exclusive phone numbers to publishers
  • No need to make any changes to your call centre processes
  • Allow users to request a call-back from your call centre staff


  • Utilise existing call centre resources
  • Increase conversions of high value purchases
  • Prevent leakage of performance marketing activities