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Conversions API

To optimise traffic and increase conversion rates you need performance data. But why wait to get this from a daily report or only receive it in a single format? Tradedoubler’s Conversions API allows you to receive automated messages instantly whenever a conversion takes place. The messages are sent in real-time, direct to your system, in the format you require. You have access to dozens of conversion attributes such as order number, time of conversion and commission values. All these can be formatted in the message body/URL in the format that you require, allowing data to be sent directly to your system with no need for manual changes.

As the status of a conversion changes from “tracked” to “validated” and “approved” you will be notified of its progress, allowing you to keep track of every conversion. Setting up the service is easy via the API or user interface. You can create subscriptions for all conversions or apply filters on program, site and event levels. Testing is easy with just one click needed to confirm a successful implementation.

With Tradedoubler’s Conversions API you control what conversion data is sent, where it goes and what it looks like.


  • Automated messages sent in real-time
  • Instant notification of status changes
  • Easily configure subscriptions, filters and mapping rules


  • Optimise your traffic for higher conversions
  • Receive conversion data in the format that you require
  • Keep up to date with transaction changes