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Tailored tracking and technology solutions

We have a range of technology and tracking solutions that help our advertisers and publishers create smarter results. Once we understand your needs we create the solution that will help you improve your digital marketing  ROI.


We believe that all digital marketing campaigns should be fully accountable, which is why tracking and measurement underpins all our solutions.  We have the most accurate and reliable technology available today to track, dissect and measure the performance of all your multi-channel digital marketing activity.  There are no limits to what we can track for you – from a single affiliate programme to your entire digital marketing portfolio.

With our focus on transparency and ensuring optimum performance for our clients’ campaigns, we are the partner you need if you want to be sure that your digital marketing is delivering a clear ROI.


We recognise the power of accurate data: we have 18 years’ experience in the collection and analysis of transaction and conversion data, which means that we know when, where and how people make online purchases.

We have developed our own data management platform (DMP) which captures user behaviour data, allowing us to target new customers for our clients’ businesses based on genuine insight into their intent to purchase.


To facilitate communication between advertisers, agencies, and publishers, we have developed an innovative suite of integrations or APIs (Application Programming Interface). These integrations provide an efficient and agile way for our customers to share information across our network. Publishers benefit from easy to use product and voucher feeds, as well as market-leading reporting tools. Advertisers are able to optimise their activity in real time based on the insight our provided by our APIs.