Tradedoubler will launch a new long-term strategy to become the leading partner in the delivery of performance marketing results through high quality traffic, technology and expertise.

In order for Tradedoubler to take a vital role as a performance marketing partner creating results for its clients, the company will develop its technology platform to be able to offer a leading tracking solution which will enable tracking and reporting of all types of digital marketing channels.

A key element of the new offering will be a data management platform that will leverage data driven insights to optimise results-based performance marketing activity on behalf of Tradedoubler’s clients. The platform will be an engine for advertisers to maximize the conversion of online consumers.

The full strategy implementation will extend over a period of three years and will, as an initial and immediate step, include recruitment of 25 additional developers.

“Tradedoubler is the only player with a combined affiliate network and white-label technology offering and the new strategy includes a number of immediate enhancements to both elements of the business. The combination of the two offerings gives us a unique opportunity to leverage from technology leadership in tracking and data management”, says Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO of Tradedoubler.

In order to further step up the operational performance, Tradedoubler has completed several senior management appointments recently.

The new strategy will be launched on November 7 and further details will be disclosed in conjunction with Tradedoubler’s Q3 report the same day.

Stockholm September 22, 2014

TradeDoubler AB (publ.)

The information in this announcement is required to be disclosed by TradeDoubler AB under the Swedish Securities Markets Act (Sw. lagen om värdepappersmarknaden). This information was released for publication at 8.00 CET on September 22 2014.

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About Tradedoubler
Tradedoubler is an international leader in performance-based digital marketing and technology. Founded in Sweden in 1999, Tradedoubler pioneered affiliate marketing in Europe and remains the most successful pan-European performance marketing company, combining strategic international insight with detailed in-country expertise. Tradedoubler helps 2,000 advertisers achieve their business goals through its high quality network of 130,000 publishers and was the first to offer an integrated e- and m-commerce offering to help advertisers extend their online programmes to users on mobile devices.

Tradedoubler is committed to close collaboration with each customer, helping them to generate revenue and succeed on a national and international scale. Among Tradedoubler’s advertisers are American Express, ClubMed, Disney, Expedia and CDON. The share is listed on Nasdaq OMX on the Stockholm Exchange. More information can be found on

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