The intent of the purchase is to integrate the Zezam business with Tradedoublers subsidiary Metapic AB and further expand the investment within influencer marketing. 

The initial net cashflow effect for Tradedoubler at closing will be around -1,8 MEUR for the shares, the outstanding debt in the company and taking into account the cash in the company. An earnout structure will be in place up until 2026 and can be expanded to 2028 in certain cases. The earnout payments are estimated to never exceed the EBITDA generated from the combined influencer business.


For further information, please contact:

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO Tradedoubler

Phone: +46 8 405 08 00



The information was submitted for publication at 08:00 CEST on 2 June 2023.


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Tradedoubler is an international leader in performance-based digital marketing and technology powering a unique network of connections. Combining more than 20 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise, global presence and a market leading technology platform, Tradedoubler offers tailored performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. Founded in Sweden in 1999, Tradedoubler pioneered affiliate marketing in Europe and has since developed its offering to include actionable data driven insights and User Journey tracking thanks to its proprietary business intelligence tool. The share is listed on Nasdaq OMX on the Stockholm Exchange. More information can be found on



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